We Don’t Need Educrats

By Charles Adler, QMI Agency

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hey teacher! Leave those kids alone!

I’m talking about educrats, bureaucrats with a doctorate in doctoring our children’s education. Indoctrinating them with their agenda. We’ve brought you so many ridiculous examples of school administrators and teachers interfering in our children’s lives. But when they start slamming Dr. Seuss, it may just be the last straw.

Yertle the Turtle has been deemed too political for a B.C. classroom. A Prince Rupert elementary teacher has been told a quote from Dr. Seuss’s Yertle the Turtle is a political statement that should not be displayed or worn on clothing in her classroom.

Prince Rupert administrators are deeming the book too political amidst a labour dispute between the teachers’ union and the board. The quote in question: “I know up on top you are seeing great sights, but down here on the bottom, we too should have rights,” is from Dr. Seuss’ tale of a turtle who climbs on the backs of other turtles to get a better view.

Look, I’ve been a whistleblower on labour union shenanigans and rogue teachers for years. But this is ridiculous. It’s a children’s book, not a political pamphlet. Give me a break!

This kind of ridiculous censorship should be censored. What exactly are we protecting these kids from?

It’s part of a greater push by the politically correct police to eliminate anything that can possibly be offensive, real or imagined. It’s a movement that’s growing and it’s gone beyond all reason. And it needs to be stopped.

Here’s some outrageous examples, starting with the New York Department of Education banning words they felt were too sensitive for young ears. Like birthdays, dinosaurs, Halloween or divorce.

It’s rampant in Canada too. Schools in Calgary and Hamilton, Ont., banned Halloween costumes because someone might get scared or it might expose people of different socio-economic backgrounds.

Earl Beatty, the Toronto school, banned balls in the schoolyard because little Johnny might get a boo-boo.

Or the schools that ban the game of tag or Red Rover because little Jane might get a scraped knee.

Or the school that banned soy peanut butter because it looks too much like peanut butter. Next they’ll be banning parents that act too much like parents

Or the New Jersey school that banned kids from hugging to avoid sexual harassment claims amongst six-year-olds.

Or the schools in the UK banning kids from having best friends, to prevent alienated kids and avoid the shock of someone not wanting to be your friend anymore.

Or the school junk food bans that only make hamburgers and fries even more appealling. Premier Dad, Dalton McGuinty, has even toyed with the idea of banning chocolate milk.

Whether you’re a parent or not, we’ve got to push back at the PC police that claim to be protecting our kids, but are doing more harm than good, never letting them learn for themselves. To never know any form of failure or inequity, painting life like some utopian fairyland.

We’ve got to push back each and every time they pull this kind of social engineering crap that neuters our kids’ outlook on life, squashing their opinions and turning entitled children into entitled adults. And that’s Canadian common sense.

Email on the Student Protests in Montreal

Hi Charles,

I live in Montreal and I’ve been avoiding the downtown core for the last few weeks because of these student protests. They are out of control. They’ve blocked bridges, set off smoke bombs, thrown garbage and rocks at people, and last night, my fiancée got caught in the middle of a few hundred police officers and about 6,000 angry students.

This whole thing makes me so angry, because these protesters claim to be speaking for all students, but they’re not. They’re stopping real students from actually succeeding. My 19-year-old cousin spent a month studying for her final exams, but these idiots chained the doors shut to her school. She couldn’t get in the building to write her test. So she decided to go in through a different entrance, but protesters were standing there, blocking the way. The real students who actually WANTED to write their final exams became furious, so they all went over to Tim Horton’s, bought a bunch of coffee and started pouring it on the protesters. Obviously, this led to a massive fist fight. Great way to end the school year.

And, then my other 23-year-old cousin told me that her teacher decided to cancel her final exam. He was worried the protesters would get in the way. She was furious, because she had been studying for months, and this was her last university course before graduation.

And, on top of all of this, the protesters had the guts to disrupt her class, and beg the students to vote for the cancelation of all final exams, because they had missed too many classes and didn’t want to fail the semester. Give me a break.

I am truly embarrassed by all of this, but Charles I want you to know that our entire city is against them. In fact, I’m starting to think that most of these protesters are not even students, they’re just hooligans who get excited by this type of social unrest.

This has to stop. Now.