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  1. Mr. Adler:
    Thank you. You hit the nail on the head with your essay regarding our Premier Selinger’s cowtowing to the liberal socialist left regarding Remembrance Day observances in our school system. For many years I have held the belief, that left to its own devices, POLITICAL CORRECTNESS will lead to the destruction of every worthwhile organization ever devised by man to do good in the the western world – more particularly, North America. Please keep making comments regarding this. We cannot blindlessly afford to make every decision about life and living based on the doctrine of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

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    Rebecca Thompson on

    I am embarrassed to be a Canadian when we have our “leaders” selling our souls all in the name of “tolerance”. If it weren’t for these BRAVE men/women we would not be here today celebrating this most important of days. I have only one name for him – COWARD.

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    Linda Hannem-Lorenz on

    My father served in the Canadian army for 47years, his father served before him and so on. In my family more than 100yrs in the army served. When I got married in 99 he was in Kosovo, he was in Cyprus for my grad and many other functions. When he received the Honor of Military Merit handed to him by the Governor General, it was one of his proudest moments in his life.
    How remove anyone from a Remembrance Day ceremony, or simply Remembering, is to me spitting on him and all the “peace keeping missions he served THIS Country for. How many peoples rights he fought for, how many people he helped and his father before him in the second world war.
    He lost his father when he was still in diapers, his dad dying in the fight with Germany and saving people from extinction, we all know what happened. And even though he lost his Dad to the war he still joined at the age of 18 to do the right thing by his country.
    Shame on the Premier I hope he enjoys sleeping at night knowing that men like my father put him in a place he could do that safely……

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    Darlene Settee on

    listened to your address to the premier today and it made me cry, I could not believe that students were excused from attending Rememberance Day service, its horrible, what is the matter with Selinger, Words fail me right now, but thank you for you words. You inspire me,

  2. Way to go Charles. My Uncle was killed over Germany in a Lancaster. My DAD joined the RCAF as soon as he could. The Boys had Balls Thank God

    Thank All you Guys and Girls in the Armed Forces. It must suck to be a Polictical Pussy from MB.

    Peace and Freedom my Friend. Flanders .
    Mike Irving

  3. I found your speech for today. We are so glad that we have you to speak for us. Manitoba’s premier should be made to write an apology not only to the citizens of Manitoba but to
    those of Canada and all free countries of the world. We are so lucky that our ancestors, siblings and now our grand children cared enough to join the armed forces of our free country. May God bless them all. May we always be free.
    Thank you again.

    Daphne N. Richey

  4. I am appalled at Selinger’s socialist position on his ludicrous Remembrance Day “opt out” policy -This is Canada – The home of the brave and the free -this is a history lesson-this is showing respect and appreciation – this is remembering the lives lost -the injured-the veterans – It is not religion- this is what civilized people do- … Can you please forward a copy of the letter …Thank you….. Ron
    I am surprised as well that Brian P. had to have his bell rung by you before he issued a statement…I think he needs some competent staff…

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    Colleen Patricia Myrol on

    Shame on you Selinger . What message is he sending to the Manitoba Veterans.
    Please phone his office and tell him how disgusted you are people.

  5. Premier Selinger displayed a lack of leadership making the comments regarding the opt out. He also embarrassed every citizen of Manitoba in doing so. I feel he needs to make a National Apology to the Men, women and Veterans of the Military as well as the citizens of Manitoba.

    I for one will remember his words when I walk into the voting booth at the next Provincial Election.

  6. When it comes to a person who calls themselves Canadian opting out of showing respect for our veterans–It is a Canadian duty.

    Young people were conscripted to the services in the great wars. They didn’t “opt out” Think about it.

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    Pat Philopoulos on

    I was cheering listening to your reply to the Premier’s pathetic response on the Hal Anderson program this a.m. You said all the things and more than I could think of myself. You speak for people like my father, who at age 18, joined the military and was sent to England and put into the RCAF and became a navigator-bomber -wireless operator. He had many bombing missions over Germany in an airplane called the “mosquito”. He did return home after the war as did his 3 other brothers. How can we not respect their sacrifice, six long years of war not knowing if you will be alive from one day to the next.
    Too bad our premier doesn’t have the cahones to stand up for what is right. Thank you, thank you, thank you Chuck.

  7. Hats off to you Chuck, for putting Selinger in his place. You publicly exposed the provinces highest ranked public official, for what he best represents, spinning lies. Either he’s a bonafied
    liar or like you so bluntly put it, he’s really “stupid.” (My feeling’s are both can apply)
    Either way Chuck, I want to pass along a heart felt thank you for your brillant efforts in taking him to task on a very important subject.


    Stu McKay

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    A Veterans daughter on

    Great Job Mr. Adler !! I use to vote NDP, I won’t be doing that again!!! I have never been more ashamed to be a Canadian as I have been this past week. Shame on us that we can’t give one day a year to show respect and gratitude for what we have. If you can’t show our veterans and soldiers enough respect by honoring them one day a year, then pack your bags and move. You should not be reaping the benefits of their sacrifices. My father was a war vet who paid for his decision to defend his country for the rest of his life, and never once complained. He stood behind the NDP Party all of his life. (what a slap in the face that turned out to be!) Never thought I would say this but I sure am glad he is not here to see this. Our veterans get more respect overseas then they do in their own country. Mr. Selinger, do us a favor and do not ever say that you are a representative of the people of Manitoba again, and if you do, find a way to exclude me from that statement as I NEVER want to be put into the same classification as you or any other so called Canadian who cannot show respect to our Military past and present. God forbid another war ever happens in our lifetime, and if it does, I hope our Military shows you the door and tells you to go defend yourself.

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