Anatomy of a Real Scandal

By Charles Adler, QMI Agency

First posted: Friday, June 10, 2011 2:00:00 EDT AM


Canadian politics, eh?

Should the leader of a government be allowed to fly a government airplane to the Stanley Cup finals where “Canada’s team” is playing? Is this a serious question? Not my question. It’s the question forced upon the population by opposition politicians who are stickhandling their way to their political graves.

The government is about to take away their public trough privileges. The toonie-per-vote system is about to be trashed so the pols will have to raise money the old-fashioned way by developing a market for their ideas.

What’s the idea behind discussing whether or not the prime minister of the country should be allowed to take a government plane to a city hosting a playoff game? How much is the idea worth? Is anyone going to sign up to become a Liberal and make contributions to support this idea?

It’s true these non-stories provide Canadian content for journalists who pretend to care. But in their real lives these same people are discussing Anthony Weiner. They’re asking questions they would rather not write about publicly because it would make their Twitter followers think they are more interested in Weiner’s private affairs than Canada’s public affairs.

Let’s stop posing like priggish Canadians and pose questions about things that truly command our attention. Who cares about Weiner’s nationality? Our imaginations are without borders.

So close to Father’s Day, we now know Weiner will become a dad before the end of this year. Conception took place 10 weeks ago. Who knows when the video of that will surface?  But in the meantime, let’s think about Weiner, the next generation.

1) If your dad is Anthony Weiner, what do you give him for Father’s Day?

2) What do you give the father who has everything except a moral compass, sound judgment and the ability to tell the truth?

3) What would you say if the public tried to come between you and your father?

4) What if you started hearing complete strangers say that they knew what was best for you?

5) What if they recommended that you not be allowed to have any contact with your own father?

6) Yes, he may be your biological father. And he may really love and adore you the way any father cares for his child. But what about that judgment thing?

7) What about his recklessness?

8) What about his cred?

9) What would give you the impression that he is fit to be an appropriate role model in your life?

10) If your mom had been tweeting pics of her parts, do you doubt that people would be saying you should be taken away from your mother and raised by your father or your grandparents or a pack of wolves?

11) By the way, young Weiner, when you get to be 13, which is eight years more mature than the age your father is stuck at, will you be Googling his name?

12) Will you be wise enough to avoid everything that was said about him in 2011?

13) In case you become addicted to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, gambling and prostitutes, will you blame Anthony Weiner?

14) Who can blame you?

One thought on “Anatomy of a Real Scandal

  1. I miss Weinergate! It was amusing to listen to. Our PM going to a Stanley Cup final when a Canadian team is playing? How shameful! If that is the best the opposition can come up with in the scandal department I’ll continue to watch FoxNews for the real fun stuff.

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