Israel vs Hamas -”You can bog down in moralizing and arguing about ancient history. None of that will spare further humanitarian disasters.” – Charles Adler

No matter which side you support in the Israel vs Hamas conflict, one thing is clear – Gaza is a humanitarian disaster and there will be more of them if Palestinians in Gaza continue to be governed by an outfit that wants a state of permanent war with Israel. That’s not a right or left wing agenda. It’s the equivalent of permanently strapping a suicide vest to Gaza. The facts are on the ground. The death toll has surpassed 1000 people in Gaza. 4 out of 5 are not Dead Hamas fighters. Talk of pinpoint bombing attacks is getting tired and dishonest. There is NO such animal. Aerial assaults take out mostly innocents. No they aren’t the equivalent of carpet bombings. They are not as brutal as what Assad has done to his people in Syria, with over 100,000 killed in that country, but there is no such thing as a pinpoint bombardment. But just as discussions of pinpoint bombings go nowhere, talk of giving Hamas more years to restock arsenals to send more rockets into Israel is also dishonest. Hamas can only be restrained by being out of government. Israel can only be restrained by not having Hamas rockets to respond to.

Experts constantly complicate the simple. Hamas wants war and Israel has no problem waging it. But it can never be a level playing field. And so, war with Israel, as Egypt and Jordan and Syria and others have found out, is a strategically non-productive position. You don’t have to take it from me. Ask the military leaders of Egypt and Jordan and Syria. Ask Mahmoud Abbas. Peace with Israel is a military and humanitarian necessity. You can bog down in moralizing and arguing about ancient history. None of that will spare further humanitarian disasters. Live in the Now, the Real and the Probable. The Palestinians require a more intelligent government. This requires not a religious conversion, but rather a political one. Hamas can generate street protests around the world. It cannot achieve safety or security or prosperity for the people of Gaza, if it’s central strategy is a permanent military campaign that is unwinnable.