CJOB – Social Workers Failed Phoenix: Final Inquiry Report

Social Workers Failed Phoenix: Final Inquiry Report

Winnipeg, MB, Canada
680 CJOB Team Coverage
January 31, 2014 11:05 am

The vast majority of the social workers involved in the life of 5-year-old Phoenix Sinclair failed her miserably, according to the Commission Inquiry Report released today.

For that, the provincial government is offering an apology to those with connections to Sinclair but it is not placing specific blame on any of the social workers.

Manitoba Minister of Family Services – Kerri Irvin-Ross – says the point of the inquiry was not to place blame and so she won’t say if individual workers will be disciplined as a result of the report.

The little girl was beaten to death by her mother’s boyfriend, Wesley Mckay in 2005. Had the social workers and their supervisors done their job properly, Phoenix would have never been in the care of anyone associated with McKay, a man with a long violent history.

She bounced in and out of foster care until her death on the Fisher River First Nation in 2005. Her mother, Samantha Kematch, and McKay, were found guilty of first-degree murder.

Commissioner Ted Hughes’ 902-page report contains 62 recommendations on how to improve Manitoba’s child welfare system.

Over the course of the inquiry, Commissioner Ted Hughes heard testimony from 126 witnesses over 91 days.

The first phase of the inquiry looked at the circumstances surrounding Phoenix’s death. The second phase examined the changes made to the child welfare system since her death and what problems still exist.

The third phase took a much broader scope, looking at the factors that bring families into contact with the child welfare system.

There are about 9,000 Manitoba children in foster care, 8,000 are aboriginal.

CJOB – WRHA CEO Offers Apology In Patient Discharge Deaths

WRHA CEO Offers Apology In Patient Discharge Deaths

Winnipeg, MB, Canada / 680 CJOB – Winnipeg’s News & Information Leader
CJOB Team Coverage
January 23, 2014 11:44 am

The President and CEO of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority offered her full apology to those families of three patients who died shortly after being discharged from the Grace Hospital.

“Right now I will publicly apologize to those three families on behalf of the WRHA, and all of our staff”, said Arlene Wilgosh in conversation with Charles Adler this morning.

Wilgosh admitted that there are times they get it wrong. “When we get it wrong, we need to acknowledge that. We need to say we are sorry to the families. and we are sorry to these families.”

In an effort to reach out to concerned residents, the WRHA has set up a new “Patient Connection Line”.

Those looking to address specific issues or complaints that haven’t already been dealt with are asked to call 204.926.7825.

That line will be staffed by a person daily, from 7am-10pm.

Both the Manitoba Liberals and the Progressive Conservatives are calling for an Independent Investigation into hospital discharge policies.

The NDP saying they will wait on the results of the WRHA review, before making any decision.

That review into the deaths of David Silver, 78, and a second man is still months away from completion, according to the WRHA

78 year old David Silver died of a heart attack after being discharged from the Grace and dropped off by a cab outside his home early in the morning on December 31st.

Just days prior, in a second eerily similar case, a second elderly man was was discharged from the Grace and taken home in a cab. Less than an hour later, emergency crews were called after a passerby found him lying on the sidewalk. He was already dead when crews arrived.

A third case, as reported by CJOB, involving the death of 70 year old Dianne Vincent has not yet to be deemed a critical incident, but the family and authorities at the Grace are planning to meet.

Vincent was treated at the Grace for a brain hemorrhage on Dec. 30. She was released just two days later and told she would be able to fly home to Vancouver, as long as she was accompanied by a friend or relative.

Shortly after flying home, Vincent suffered another hemorrhage on the January 11th, she died a week later on January 18th.

Data from the WRHA website shows there are currently six open critical incident investigations at Grace Hospital.

The break down for currently open critical incident files across Winnipeg is as follows:

Health Sciences Centre – 32

Misericordia Health Centre – 8

Deer Lodge Centre – 2

Seven Oaks General Hospital – 17

St. Boniface General Hospital – 13

Concordia Hospital – 13

Grace Hospital – 6

Victoria General Hospital – 14

Riverview Health Centre – 2

Personal Care Homes – 90

Community – 2