Dear Theo:

Dear Theo

First, my big and heartfelt congratulations for your decision to march to Parliament Hill in support of victims of child sexual abuse and to ask for changes of Canadian Laws.

You are really in fact the person I was dreaming about for a while.  I have been breaking my head trying to find someone like  you, or a group with the commitment you have.

Remember, Oprah Winfrey interviewed a while ago someone who had been abused and she has links with group of likeminded people.  Oprah maybe someone to personally invite to make your event even more impacting.

Sexual abuse of children to me should be considered a “crime against humanity”. Statistics are telling us it has come to be internationally an epidemic of great proportions, towards which, Canadians are big contributors. Shame, shame and shame. More shame is the fact that Canada promotes itself as a defender of Children’s Rights with one hand and, with the other it protects those who violate Canadian children and as a byproduct make those Canadian pedophiles who go to abuse children in other countries, feel protected.

I am a mother of three adult children whom I protected as a “mother bear” and now I am a happy grandmother.  That is why I personally feel for your cause.  These angels are brought in this world with high hopes, they are the future of this country and planet and we have horrible epidemic that destroys their physical integrity with mental consequences early in their life and at times, I believe with irreparable effects and cause further societal problems. It has a multiplier effect.  All of these requiring more public funds to heal the wounded. It is a form of crime against humanity.


Please, Theo, try to become specific in your event, not just a general demand, but a demand with teeth,  specific objectives based on what the crime is in fact, these are my two cents of cooperation with you:

- Demand to declare sexual abuse of children a crime against humanity because it has lifelong consequences for many destroying their physical and mental integrity (this would be a good start)

- It is a crime reflecting the deepest level of cowardice as they target the vulnerable child, the defenceless child, the inmature child, the poor and unprotected child, the innocent and trusting child

that act of cowardice should have an appropiate punishment, especially if it is a repetive one.

- Pedophiles have full knowledge about who they want to hurt, they use their full capacity to manipulate, they use different strategies to achieve their goal going all the way as even to create

fake agencies to achieve these goals or to use their existing organizations to which they belong to achieve their criminal activities.  Pedophilia should be declared, therefore, a fully

premedidated crime against children.

- Because there will be those usual idiots claiming pedophilia is a sickness, demand that pedophiles are interned or imprisoned and that part of their “recovery” is to work to pay for their stay

- Demand the Government and law makers to include in the new laws or at least the new laws will include a deterrent for  potential pedophiles and to explain to the public what the deterrent part of

the law is based on.

- Demand the Government what is their line of action to decrease the cases of child abuse right now.

You can count on our presence at your event next year.  Start planning on how will your entourage promote the event here in Ottawa .  I will try to cooperate, send me posters.


Many thanks