Dear Prime Minister

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By Charles Adler

I don't have to introduce myself to you. You know me as well as any of the citizens of Adler Nation. And you've read and heard my thoughts about the things that matter to me and why they matter. You would be the last person on earth to be surprised that I am disappointed in the extreme decision that you've made on Omar Khadr, someone who unfortunately was born in this country to a mom who has done nothing over the years but insult everything you and I both stand for. When Oh Canada is played at those hockey games we love to watch, our hearts pound like a drum and our blood runs hot. But as you know, the Maple Leaf that fuels our furnace gives hers an arctic chill. She is a Canadian by convenience.

She unwillingly abandoned her land for this land because her husband wanted to freeload from here in order to support their wretched cause, which is NUKE Western civilization as we know it, to plunge the world into the darkness of some tortured brutal version of an eastern religion so brutal that men are afraid to shave, women are afraid to show their faces, a place where there is no music, no dance, no trace of Judaeo Chistian values, no rule of law, not our kind of law that they are now using to blindfold us…The Khadrs fondest fantasy is a world which moves from Oh Canada to NO Canada. That was and still is remorselessly their Cause. The Khadrs took Baby Omar out of this country when he was just a baby, feeling nothing but contempt for our flag and our values. They joined up with the dark side in Afghanistan, befriended the Mass Murderer Bin Laden and his ilk. Their primary interest over there was not to help the people of Afghanistan who 152 Canadian Forces members have died for. Her family was there trying to kill as many of our allies as possible and don't kid yourself for one moment. The Khadrs would have been only too happy to kill as many Canadian soldiers as possible. None would have been spared, a bullet, a grenade or a knife. Poor, poor Omar who deprived one unarmed medic of his life and deprived another soldier of his eye, has complained to his government-paid lawyer that the Americans who revived his murderous body, deprived him of sleep. How much sleep has he deprived the widow of Sgt Speer and her kids? Many more hours of sleep. He deprived a husband and a father of his life. And now he counts on Canadians to get weepy for his story and sleepy while he raids our treasure in the name of the Rule of Law, a law their cause would happily blow up. Blowing things up is what pleasures them the most. And their fondest desire would be to blow us all up. Every time one of those road side explosives that Omar used to assemble blows up a Canadian soldier, a Canadian family grieves. But the Khadr family celebrates.

Prime Minister, I don't know because you've never shared with me whether you have tried to hold your nose and purchase this foul smelling dead rat of an argument that Omar was just a child victimized by his father, not really doing what he was doing because he wanted to, just a child soldier. The U-N says so and the Canadian Supreme Court has rubber stamped it so. I and millions of other Canadians say, “So what?” We don't need a bunch of hooligans on expense accounts at the United Nations or a small gathering of lawyered-up lawyers in Robes and Ermine to tell us the difference between a thug and a child, between a young man who is doing something not of his own volition and one like Khadr making and planting bombs enthusiastically.

We know what child soldiers are. We know about all those families in Africa where mothers are raped and fathers are torn from limb to limb, hacked to death and their little girls are murdered and their little boys are kidnapped, ripped out of the arms of their fathers and mothers and taken away to be turned into murderous monsters performing the same ugly deeds that their captors have performed. And we know that in many cases, governments represented by the United Nations not only condone but actively participate in helping this kind of activity. These same governments wish to judge us on how we treat Omar Khadr? Are we supposed to have our values informed by these barbarians? What does that make us? Groucho Marx once said I never want to belong to a club that would have me as a member. It's considered a classic laugh line. Prime Minister, there is nobody on this side of the microphone laughing at the idea that my prime minister is taking seriously the judgment of that club of bottom feeders which I would happily see dismembered. Writing cheques every year. They cash millions of dollars every year. Hard earned Canadian Tax Dollars. To some in this country that's the price of membership in the international community. On the Canadian streets I played road hockey on, when some of our dads had to pay protection money to protect their little businesses from being ripped off or burned down, we called it Extortion. We didn't respect the goons running the racket. But we understood the consequences. And now these goons who run the United Nations tell the greatest country on earth that we have a solemn moral duty to rehab Omar Khadr. We Canadians don't take our moral cues from an organization that buried its moral compass in the jungles of Rwanda, that shot up its moral compass in the mountains of Yugoslavia, that defecates daily on its moral compass in Darfur.

But it's not just the United Nations that tries to sell our citizens on the fairy tale of Poor Poor Omar Child Soldier. There's also that other high priestess of Morality. Heather Mallick, part of that same crowd that trashes you Prime Minister at every opportunity, the ones who like to say behind your back that you're just a front man for right wing rubes, people with little education, born again Christians, and Holocaust Deniers. Yes, her moral highness who highly approves of your decision to allow Omar Khadr back into this country wrote this in recent days about the trial:

The last time the name “Speer” and “war crimes” shared the same courtroom was in Nuremberg in 1946. Then it was Albert Speer on trial for being awfully good at running the Nazi war machine that killed tens of millions.

That's Heather Mallick, Prime Minister, exploiting the good name of a good man destroyed by Omar Khadr, exploited the good name of Sgt Christopher Speer, a victim of a war crime as a device to introduce the name of a War Criminal who was one of the Architects of the Nazi War Machine that killed tens of thousands of Canadian servicemen. You have visited some of their graves in France, Prime Minister. You have walked on those beaches in Northern France where good Canadian kids bled and died for Heather Mallick's right to introduce the name of a monstrous war criminal in order to diminish the death of a victim of a war crime, in order to compare our allies to the Nazis and to the Taliban and she is in favour of your decision Prime Minister. I am not trying to convict you of Guilt by Association. I am asking you as a Canadian citizen to please make decisions that have the ring of moral justice for the victims of Khadr and not his fan club. Prime Minister, I don't want to end this letter on a sour note, and not because I want to be kind. But because I don't want to be ungrateful for the many good things that you have done especially for our forces. So I want to attach to this letter another letter written to me a few weeks ago by a citizen of Adler Nation, Rob Cullen, a police officer in York Region.


Last night, while working in my usual role as a police platoon sergeant, we were called to a VSA . . . vital signs absent, in the basement apartment of a house just north of Keswick. 

The victim was 78 years old. A retired firefighter, he had served from 1959 to 1989 with the North York Fire Department. It no longer exists, having been enveloped by the Toronto Fire Department. The victim had succumbed to a heart attack. 

His small basement apartment was very tidy. Upon the walls were tons of framed photos. Pieces of history from 1940s and ’50s baseball, hockey, entertainers, and horse racing. Certificates of gratitude from the North York Fire Department, the City of Toronto, and the pigeon racing club he belonged to after he retired. He had a very organized collection of 78 rpm records from the ’30s, ’40s and ’50s. Tommy Dorsey, Duke Ellington, Ella, Fats Waller . . . and he had the turntables to play them. The last album he played was Frank Sinatra. 

He was very well read. Books of history lined his bookshelves, with an emphasis on Ontario and especially Toronto history. His specialty was the Avro Arrow . . . the huge limited framed edition print on his bedroom wall reflected his interest. Maybe sometime, somewhere, he saw the world’s greatest plane fly. He was a huge supporter of our troops. An article from the Toronto Sun about the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion sat on his desk. Pictures of cops and firefighters were found here and there.  

But as we found out, he had no next-of-kin. As the sergeant, it was my job to notify them. I had no one to visit, no one to see. No nieces or nephews, no sons or daughters. He was truly alone. 

Satisfied with what I had seen, I left the detectives and constable on scene to await the coroner, and have the body removed to its final rest. As I walked down the driveway, the constable followed me out and said, “Hey Sarge, wait up! Can I ask you something?” 

“Sure. Whatdya need?”  

“Sarge, they’re gonna carry this guy out in a plastic bag. All the neighbours are watching. He was a firefighter for 30 years. Sarge he’s got no one . . . we can’t let him go like that. Can you find us a Canadian flag, so that when they take him out of the house, we can lay it on the gurney when they roll him to the hearse?”

7:30 on a Tuesday night. Where to find a flag? . . . Yup, the Dollar Store. The only thing open and, sure enough, they had one. Contrary to popular opinion, not everything at the dollar store costs one dollar. At this point, the cost was not really an issue. I bought the flag, and took it back to the scene.

The coroner released the body, and firefighter Robert Wilson was brought up from his apartment. Before he left the door, the flag was draped in its full glory across him, to honour the life of a man who was willing to give it at any time. For the 50 feet it took to take him to the removal vehicle, the neighbours watched in silent respect. The people from the funeral home tucked the flag secure and removed it with him. I expect it will be buried with him, too.  

For a short time, the time it takes to walk a body 50 feet, he wasn’t alone. He was a firefighter, a hero. He was a Canadian. All it took was a flag to show it.

Maybe it’s time we find our heroes before their only honour comes from a dollar store.

Signed Rob Cullen


Prime Minister, I don't think you need Sgt Cullen to help you find your moral compass on the Khadr Decision. When it comes to Canadian values you don't need him or me to tell you that we are good country. But I just wanted to remind you on behalf of so many Canadians who contact me that We are a Firefighter Wilson country not an Omar Khadr country. Robert Wilson never sued the Canadian government for the service he provided lovingly and honourably. Omar Khadr is suing us for 10 million dollars and that's just the opening number.  We should be trying him for treason, but he is playing us for chumps. Prime Minister, I ask you to put a torch to take Firefighter Wilson's hose and douse that Child Soldier fantasy and instead focus on Child Canadians, real Canadians who want to grow up in a land where they too can look at the same flag that drapes the boxes of our heroes and have the same feelings. The so-called Rule of Law in this country should never have become for the Khadrs what a fire hydrant is for dogs. And this country should never be used as an ATM for murderers and thieves. I don't claim to love this country any more than you do Prime Minister. But I am asking you for the love of Mike, on behalf of the Rob Cullens and the Firefighter Wilsons and so many others who have made so many sacrifices for this country, to please reverse your decision to open up our borders and our wallets one more time to the Khadr Family. Our beloved Canada, Prime Minister, is spelled C-A-N-A-D-A, not K-H-A-N-A-D-A.  It's not their country Prime Minister. They've already taken too much.

Thank you for reading this Prime Minister. God Bless you, Laureen and your children, and God Bless Canada.

86 thoughts on “Dear Prime Minister

  1. Oh Charles. I listen to you every day and this has touched me more than words can say. Tears are pouring down my cheeks.
    Mr. Stephen Harper will definitely not be getting my vote this time around. I don’t know what they’re thinking but they’ve really made a bad decision on this one.
    Thank you Mr. Adler, from the bottom of my heart, for writing such a moving letter.
    I will contniue to sing Oh Canada at the top of my lungs and with pride. I will continue to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone I pass by this holiday season.
    Again Mr. Adler, thank you.
    Lori B

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    proudCanadian on

    Your letter is brilliant and right on the mark. Although I too believe that the Prime Minister has done many good things for Canada, he needs to reconsider his decision on this issue. This could be a defining moment for him; he could stand for truth and against one of the many evil forces trying to tear apart our country. I pray that he takes that opportunity. We should be proud as Canadians to bear the scorn of many of the UN member nations, including when they reject us as a member of the Security Council.
    Again, well done!

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    Dennis J. Reid on

    Thank You for standing up for what is true and just. I wonder where have all the good men gone?
    You are a soldier of truth.
    I cried when you read the letter on the radio, Never give in Like you have said before if you do not stand up for something you will fall for anything.

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    George Schmidt on

    Charles, you have expressed so eloquently what I and many other Canadians feel about this whole “welcome back Khadr” disgrace. A few days ago, I e-mailed the Prime Minister, the Foreign Affairs Minister and my local MP to express my outrage regarding this cave-in to so-called international law. I put them on notice that unless this decision is reversed, I will go to the polls federal election but I will have them record my ballot as “declined”. I have always valued my citizenship and have volunteered in election campaigns for good candidates for many years. Knowing that the Libs and Dippers (like Heather Mallick) will never change their positions, what else can I do? Thank you for speaking out for so many of us who have come from former totalitarian states.
    Your “Brother from Prague”

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    Carol myckan on

    Thank you Charles on behalf of the many
    Canadians that love our country.
    What a wonderful letter!
    May God bless you.

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    Ruth Kolodychuk on

    Please Prime Minister Harper DO NOT LET OMAR KHADR back into Canada. This man is a murderer and has no remorse. I have always voted Conservative but if this happens I will never vote Conservative again. I am so hurt and ashamed that you are thinking of letting Omar back into my great country. I cry for this Canada that is mine and I shudder the thought of these thugs that come here and take away all our rights. They come here and have “rights” but us true Canadians don’t have any. What kind of country to you want your children to grow up in, Mr. Prime Minister? Is it going to be one that you can be proud of and feel safe living in?

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    Anne Allbright on

    Thank you Mr. Adler – you’ve expressed so aptly what we so strongly feel. Please keep up the good work. Perhaps, with more strong voices, our members of Parliament will listen and comply.

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    Fred Gouveia on

    I am proud to call you my brother although we are not related by blood. We are on different sides of the political spectrum but you and I agree on many issues and certainly, the objection to the repatriation of Omar Khadr is one of these issues.
    I take pride in knowing that we can vote for different political parties yet we stand united against injustice such as this. I don’t take any solace in the fact that many conservatives are questioning their loyalty against “their” party. I would much rather that ALL our political leaders who eventually become our Prime Minister, regardless of their political affiliation, would use the same moral compass to which you so eloquently refer, in their decisions.
    Allowing Omar Khadr back in Canada would be a terrible decision and although a reversal would not sway me to vote for Mr Harper, I would hope and pray that he takes the advice from so many Canadians and correct this error.
    Charles: Keep up the good work. You are a man of passion and I admire you for that. You expose your deep emotions and some may say that this makes you vulnerable; I know because I am the same. Your early morning letter to Mr Harper is brilliant. I heard the tremble in your voice as you read it on air and I know that from that place, deep in your stomach, you are a strong man. I would have you watch my back ANY TIME brother…
    God bless you.
    Fred Gouveia.

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    Martin Hampshire on

    Thank you Charles for having the back bone to stand up and say it the way it is.
    It is simply quite astounding that this could happen in Canada! but sadly, not that surprising.
    What are our politicions thinking? What could drive such an outragous decision?
    Are they really that desperate for votes? That desperate to please the ethic minorities?
    This is an insult to all Canadians and all those who have and are currently sacraficing so much to protect our traditions and values.
    I’m sure the Khadar’s and their supporters are laughing out loud at how easily they manipulate our system.
    This decision must be reversed if our justice system is to maintain any credibility at all.

  2. Dear Charles,I can’t help these days not to become sick to my stomach listening to the ilk of people like Heather Mallick, Micheal Ignatiuf and so on. My grandfather fought in WWI, my father and uncles fought in WWII. My older brothers served their country willingly and proudly, as did I when I was old enough. And now Charles my nephew, has fought in vicious rock to rock combat in Afghanistn. He has lost some of his brothers in arms on the field of battle so very far away. He has lost a good friend there in that land so far away. Dear God! the Prime minister is about to make a mockery of all those many years of service my family has given whithout the slightest hesitation or thought of themselves. My nephew has seen first hand, up close and personal if you will, the handy work of people like Omar Khadar. Visions that still haunt his mind and will I dare say for the rest of his life. To hell I say with the politically correct! To hell I say with the spineless leftists. And Rot in hell I say, Omar Khada. You and your family. I say to Prime Minister Harper, If you repatriate Omar Khada, or even allow this piece of human excriment to attempt to sue this country for misstreatment you will have committed an act of which you personally and your party I dare say will never reccover from. I believe we as a country, the citizenry of Canada, the silent majority will rise up and shout a deafening noise that cannot be subdued. Thank you Charles for your time, your love of country, your love of fellow Canadian and mostly your voice. So that I, the silent majority can be heard. Bob

  3. There are so many things that are wrong in this world we live in, so many things that make me ashamed of being a human being. Mr Harper, please do not make me ashamed of my beloved country. Please take back our country from the politically correct radicals that are tearing our beloved Canada down brick by brick.
    We true Canadians have already lost so much, we have had to sacrifice our Canadian culture and traditions in the name of political correctness. We are expected to welcome and understand every other countries cultural beliefs and traditions, but are in turn denied our own.
    As Canadians, we are expected to sit back and take it, to turn the other check while people abuse our great country. I say NO MORE! No more political correctness, no more abusing the laws to get away with murder, or other crimes without just punishment. No more paying off the people who abuse our beloved country, it’s laws and moral values. It’s time we Canadians stand up and say NO MORE!
    Mr. Harper, please be the first. Please show the world that Canadians will no longer be used and abused. Say “NO MORE!” to Omar Khadr.

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    Searle Sheldon on

    Right on Charles! For those who say they will not vote for PM Harper next round…consider the alternatives. Do you think any of them will react any better? We are better off working with the government we have than the snakes in the bush!
    Searle S. Calgary

  4. Amen Charles. Thank you for this very moving article. As far as Ms. Mallick is concerned, she can rot in hell. She has no clue and is definately not in tuned into reality.

  5. great job charles you did hit the nail on the head.Prime minister Harper if anything that will bring your government down this will and it is too bad so far you have been doing a good job,but this does go forward of bringing him back to canada i will not vote for you anymore this is a dark time for the canadian men and wemen of this country shame on you

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    Kelli Fletcher on

    Thank you. I was listening to your show today when you read this letter. Breathtaking. It truly says what I am feeling.
    What more can we do to stop this injustice??

  6. Dear Mr. Adler,
    Thank-you for standing up for Canadians who love Canada, for showing your true patriot love and standing on guard for Canada!
    It is my prayer that the Honourable PM Stephen Harper will do the same!
    Oh Canada
    Our home and native land
    True patriot love
    In all thy sons command
    With glowing hearts we see thee rise
    The true north strong and free
    From far and wide, Oh Canada
    We stand on guard for thee!
    God keep our land
    Glorious and free
    Oh Canada we stand on guard for thee
    Oh Canada we stand on guard for thee!
    God Bless Canada!

  7. God Bless you Charles and thank you for saying what most true Canadians want to say.
    Omar Khadr did what he did because he is simply a murderous coward and not a soldier of any sort.
    If Harper and his cronies fail to stop this nonsense soon they will only paint themselves with the same brush.
    I can only wish that one day Khadr meets the same fate he so proudly carried out.
    Once a proud Canadian.

  8. Mr. Adler Thank you for putting into words the way most CANADIANS feel about this fiasco. Does Nov.11 mean nothing to our Prime Minister, is this not what our fathers , grandfathers, before us fought against.

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    Marian Martin on

    Dear Mr. Adler:
    A heartfelt thank-you! As the daughter of Hungarian immigrants who also escaped the 1956 Revolution, I suspect few other listeners could fathom the profound depth of your words as much, or the core of your convictions, embedded not only in this lifetime and generation but over many generations.
    My Uncle Charles was a noted Archaeologist of his time in Hungary. On a visit there decades ago, while cycling, I remember him pointing to a ploughed farmfield near his Village. His English was poor but as I followed his gaze over the early morning field, what appeared to be a field of countless white stones glistening over the landscape, were in reality human bones telling a story.
    Years later, during Uncle Charles’ visit to Toronto, we stumbled on an archaeological dig on Front St. As we watched for an hour or two, he would smile in a puzzled way at the new “finds” shown to him by the on site Archaeologist. Later upon my questioning, he explained politely in his broken English what he had seen could not be taken seriously when compared to findings thousands of years old.
    Canada is a relatively new nation. Yet the fundamental message in your letter is timeless and needs to be told.
    A taping of your letter to the Prime Minister and read by you should be played on every radio station across Canada.
    Charles, can you make it happen?
    Warm regards,
    Marian Martin, Campbellcroft

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    Styli Pappas on

    Mr. Adler;
    Your eloquence is surpassed only by your sense of justice.
    I salute you and pray that others see your light.

  9. You should post a link to the Prime Ministers office email so that anyone that has read or heard this can flood his office with emails or copy and paste this article to him.

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    david henman on

    …i must have been napping. when did right wing hate become an expression of patriotism, so-called truth, love for country, what “true” canadians are thinking, or anything other than pure, right wing hatred? have i suddenly woken up in a third world country, where hate, paranoia and ignorance are paramount? you people are truly pathetic.

  10. What a crock of crap, Adler. Your use of the flag, soldiers and patriotism in this instance is an embarrassment to the flag, soldiers and patriotism.
    First of all I am no fan of the Khadr family and I personally think they should have been taken to court, stripped of their citizenship and deported years ago. I am also a patriot right down to my maple leaf tattoo. And it is because we are the greatest country in the world that we have to take Khadr back.
    Despite your simplistic vision of the issue (as your view is on most issues) and your belief that he is the world’s first child war criminal (would you still feel the same way if he had been 11 or 12 at the time), the fact is he was a child by legal definition. What makes this country great is our belief in the rule of law, our respect for human rights and our protection of these values on the international stage.It has nothing to do with the UN, it is who we as a nation are.
    That said by rule of international law, the Geneva Convention and the application of basic human rights, he is our responsibility and we should take him back and deal with him.
    I don’t particularly like it but it is the right thing to do. I will also say the boy had a crazy father and mother, who filled his head full of crap since he was 1 and you really think he is fully responsible for his actions.If you do you’re an idiot.
    OK, I’ve had my say so all you right wingers can go back to your self-interested consumerism and keep bitching about the taxes you pay and the fact that’s what’s preventing your purchase of a new 60″ flat screen.
    Oh and I think Heather Mallick is way over the top as well.

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    Harry and Mary Jane Socha on

    Dear Charles, you are a breath of fresh air in a world of stench. I have emailed the Prime Minister many times regarding Omar Khadr, his digusting family and like minded murderous sub human species that threaten our way of life and safety.
    On Nov 3rd my wife, Mary Jane and I visited Bob Decherts Office, our MP to express our position on the return of Khadr,as well as other irritating issues. We were informed emphatically that the Governments position was vehemently opposed to Khadrs return to this great country. The next day on the news,we were entertained by the Minister of Foreign affairs,Lawrence Canon state several times that there was no deal made with the U.S. regarding Khadrs return, then to have Canon’s U.S. counterpart state that indeed there was an agreement made between Ottawa and Washington.
    We have lost faith with the Political process as well as the judicial process. We are totally disappointed and enraged.
    WE have been strong supporters of Harper and his Government. No longer.
    We are also fed up with the Political verbal bleeting of how Kadrs Canadian rights have been compromised. WE don’t give a damn. He and his family should be charged with treason, stripped of their Canadian citizenship and deported.
    We thought that the Geneva Convention applied to combatants who wore uniforms. Let khadr rot where he is.

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    RD Bowman, UE CD on

    Well said, Mr. Adler! As a 25 year member of the CF, it galls me to have to endure and witness the nine non-elected super-lawyers over-rule the common sense of average Canadian citizens. Unfortunately, they have set the precedent for the awarding of compensation to so-called “Canadian citizens” who have claimed torture and abuse by foreigners despite the obvious lack of proof. Ten Million dollars is the going rate and there are hand-wringing, instep kicking, head bowed, bleeding heart do-gooders among us who will be first in line to defend this ghoul. But none of them are very vocal about the Canadian’s who have been killed or permanently maimed in Canada’s response to the foreign Government’s request for assistance. It seems that if you are born in this country and have taken your citizenship seriously, you are pissed on from great altitudes with uncanny accuracy when you need help and are forced to comply with the red-tape bureaucracy when making application for the benefits you have paid taxes for all your working life. But, a ‘citizen of convenience’ is afforded the multitude of benefits without application for an unspecified length of time.
    O Canada!

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    Glen Shevlin on

    Excellent column, it puts into words the feelings that a large number of Canadians are feeling. Perhaps the next time you speak with or at for that matter MS Mallik you could request that she provide the housing for the poor young child soldier at her residence. ( NB If you check the GC rights of the child i believe that you will find that Kahdr is not actually a child soldier by definition of the act he was 15 when caught).
    I unfortunatly have to disagree with you on one point, Ohmar Kahdr is Canadian by birth and regardless of how we feel personally, he is Canadian and in this country we do our best to clean up out own mess, and he unfortunatley is our mess. Eventually he will end up back here, whether through a prisoner repatriation or by being kicked over the border when his sentence is finished. We need to deal with that, rather than hiding our head in the sand and hoping it will go away. The question is how, A dangerous offender classification is one way but I doubt any of our judges would approve it given their leanings. Charging him with treason is an option.I think the charge is technically viable , but then we run into the judge thing again. Finding a country that is willing to take him in is a thought, but he would have to renounce his citizenship prior to the move.
    The situation is complex and the general media spin on this terrorist makes any real decission a politcal nightmare, and I don’t know if we have the politicians with the guts to deal with it.

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    Former Liberal on

    Charles, thank you for that letter. That is how MILLIONS of us feel. Every word you wrote resonates with me powerfully. We not only need to sing O Canada, but we need to phone our MPs and tell them what we want done with Khadr when he gets here. Namely, charged with treason.

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    True Northist on

    Perhaps those that claim they will not be voting conservative, because their undies are all bunched up over this kadr krap, will be happy when the Liberals take over? Grow some thick skin you babies! If you really think the PM likes letting this creep back in the country you need to give your head a shake and wake up! I don’t like letting kadr back here any more than the rest of you, but at least I can see that our government had no real choice here. You can bet the Obama admin leaned very, very hard on us to take this filth off their hands. They could have simply deported him here and we would have to take him like it or not.
    Get over it.

  11. You can rant all day … Canada is a left wing, Muslim-loving cesspool of entitlements and faultless lives.
    The naiveté is stunning. The stupidity is mind boggling. It is no wonder that the socialist freedom haters rule this country, there is no one to stop them.
    Harper is a conservative clown, not a true right wing freedom loving, enterprising man.
    He will never get a majority and certainly not my vote this time around. What a disappointment.
    Canada will deserve to have the Liberal back in power so we can slide down the chute even faster.

  12. Dear Mr. Adler,
    I listened to your letter the other day, and there was very little I could disagree with in terms of content. However, the tone and increasing sulphurous nature of your letter suggested that you PROBABLY don’t care for people who are Muslim. I say that because at any time you would have tempered your understandable anger with the specificity of this digust. At no time did you try to separate the vast majority of peaceful Muslims from the repugnant actions of Omar Khadr. No, you chose to inflame, incite and invite prejudice, fear and ignorance from your listeners. How many Muslims do you know? The KKK still exists in America and follows the Bible. Does this mean that the Bible is an evil instrument? I love how some of your respondents use the word “they” as they represents sameness…and that sameness should not be accepted into the “Canadian” way of life. By Canadian we really mean white, Christian and middle-class…don’t we? Your use of THEY was a wonderful code for wanting to live in Maycomb and become its Mayor.

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    Bill McRitchie on

    I am astounded by those individuals in Canada who cry foul concerning the treatment of Omar Khadr and any other terrorist who justifies the taking of human life under the aegis of religious belief, irrespective of age. I find it particularly offensive that certain members of Parliament and academia sully the memory of our soldiers, who have given their lives in Afghanistan, by lending support to questionable Canadians who are dedicated to the destruction of our way of life. These arm-chair champions of evil do dishonour to themselves and to our nation by lending support to Khadr and his ilk.
    By the time Khadr was 16, he was a full-fledged terrorist who knew exactly what he was doing and participated without urging or regret. He is a product of Muslim Fundamentalist indoctrination and not a so-called “boy soldier”, torn from the arms of his parents and forced to commit murderous acts lest they themselves become victims. He finally confessed to the killing of the American soldier because he knew that he would eventually be found guilty and that there was a high probability his confession would expedite extradition to good old Canada where the bleeding hearts will rally to his defense and our crippled justice system will probably facilitate his early release, as well as provide the opportunity for him to sue the Canadian Government (thee and me) for not doing more to repatriate him to Canada. The fact that he and his kin even hold Canadian citizenship grates me.
    This Fundamentalist zealot and his family have never shown any remorse for the death of that American soldier and they undoubtedly rejoice every time Canadian and other Allied soldiers are killed in Afghanistan.
    I appeal to your patriotism and courage Mr. Prime Minister to protect our Nation and its citizens by refusing to allowing yet another criminal into Canada

    • Vote -1
    • Vote +1
    Stephen Boyling on

    Poetry. Pure, patriotic poetry. But the saddest part of all, there are many more “Khadr’s” in this country, waiting and watching and learning. They see our generousity as a fault, our compassion as a curse. Some are known to us, some are not. But by allowing them to believe all is forgiven with that young man, we are sending the wrong message.

  13. Hi Charles,
    Thank you for such an eloquent and moving letter. As the daughter of a WW2 and D-Day veteran, I am well aware of the cost of our freedoms. You have said all that needs to be said.
    I pray that this is not reduced to a partisan issue. As you have said, the fact that the U.S. will no longer deal with him, does not mean he should be returned to Canada as a “victimized hero”. That DOES make the deaths of our 152 brave men and women irrelevant! And I find that shameful!
    Perhaps one of the conditions, if Omar is returned due to international pressure from the U.S., is that he is NEVER paroled and can NEVER sue the Canadian gov’t. He committed an act of treason (killing an ally) and would only use the money to fund more insurgency against us, I’m convinced.
    Charles, please continue to send your message out –once it not enough! We promise we will not get tired of it until every last Canadian has heard it and the Opposition “gets it”. If they (the Opposition) make any objections to treating this guy like the criminal he is, I hope we all punish not the Conservatives, but the mealy-mouthed Canada-hating Opposition parties, who would betray us all.

  14. Thank you Mr. Adler for speaking your mind. That is part of what Canada is about.
    I am proud to be a Canadian and feel that those who try to demolished this great country in any way should not be here.

  15. Dear Mr. Adler
    Nuke Western civilization? Does your rear end get sore from all the crap you pull out of it?
    I notice a lot of religion in your responses, I cannot say I am surprised. Christians are not known for their open mindedness, otherwise why would they worship a 2000 year old myth?
    Perhaps once you have been kidnapped by a foreign nation, tortured by a 3rd nation and brought back, THEN you can comment. I pity your supporters, just as I pity people who cannot read. Of course they can learn, many of your listeners are so set in their ways, they will never realize they’re only seeing the wool in front of their eyes.
    I eagerly await you erasing this, I don’t see any dissenting views here. So much for an open debate.

  16. Thank you, Charles. Your letter does far better than I ever could in showing us all what happens when fear and exploitation are allowed to fester together.
    The greatest thing about Canada is that there is room for all. Hence, it is OUR country. Not mine, not yours. In Our Canada, there is room for all, even those who may hate me. In yours, there is room only for you and those who profess to love you. It will be up to the people which they choose to live in, I suppose.

  17. Also Mr John West, as Americans say, if you don’t like it, leave. I hear your view is quite popular in the southern united states. Feel free to go there, and stay there.
    We have enough bigots here, we can live without you.

    • Vote -1
    • Vote +1
    Darlene Albrecht on

    This is the first time I have ever responded publically to anything I’ve heard on the radio or TV, but felt so moved by your letter and concerned about this Omar Khadr issue that I felt I must stand up and voice my opinion also.
    Your words expressed what I am feeling EXACTLY. I hope and pray that Prime Minister Harper will pay heed to this letter what his supporters truly want and deny this murderer access to our country and our wallets. THE SAME TO HIS ENTIRE FAMILY!
    God bless you, Charles.
    Darlene Albrecht

    • Vote -1
    • Vote +1
    wally reaume on

    Mr Harper having given in to the bleedng hearts I expect nothing less from you than to charge omar with high treason when he lands on this soil. this carge is entirely within the criminal code.

    • Vote -1
    • Vote +1
    Ric Connelly on

    Why does Khadr’s mother get off scott free? Sure his father took him over the Afghanistan but didn’t his mother go along with it? If she didn’t report his ‘disappearance’ to the authorities then certainly she was compliant. And if compliant then also guilty of Child Abuse. So why isn’t Khadr’s mother being charged with Child Abuse if he really is Just A Child Soldier. No Charges against mom, then No Child Soldier. By the way. I heard Khadr’s mother is raising her grand children now! Khadr 2.0!

  18. Thank You for standing up for what is true and just.
    Rise up, oh Canada, so God can keep you glorious and free. Our Ruler Supreme, hear our humble prayer. Have your dominion from sea to sea. Oh Lord, keep our country glorious and free.
    Thank-you for standing up for Canadians who love Canada, from a pastor in Calgary.
    God Bless you in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

    • Vote -1
    • Vote +1
    Elayne Acheson on

    Oh how I wish Canadians were as passionate about issues that are far far more important!
    As we can all see by the last posting, this diatribe that you have subjected us to has fired up the hatred towards muslims by those that are ignorant and/or mindless rednecks. All very sad really.

    • Vote -1
    • Vote +1
    Susan Capadouca on

    Charles, I agree with you totally!I just wish more people would write in what they think instead of just complaining to each other and getting nowhere!!! You do a great job, keep up the good work!! I listen to you every day.

    • Vote -1
    • Vote +1
    Willemke Vandertuin on

    Dear Charles,
    I just got up this morning and then I read your letter. How true it is what you said. I also hope that our Prime Minister will take heed and not allow this piece of dirt back into our Country. I will say it more strongly and I am a child out of Europe when the Canadians freed us from the Nazies, they should have killed the sucker right there and then. If you want to play you have to pay. He knew what he was doing, so don’t anyone feel sorry for him. I am a Canadian citizen and proud of it, and our soldiers died for our freedom, not for scum like this.
    He should be kept in Gitmo for the rest of his life.
    As for his mother and sister they should be sent back where they came from. They have no right to be in this country.
    God Bless our Soldiers.
    God Bless Canada

    • Vote -1
    • Vote +1
    Sheryl Stewart on

    Right one Charles. It time that we took back our Country from every little group that comes here and thinks we will happily change just for them. This was created as a Christian country and will remain so. We do not need the UN telling us what we can do in our own country. I would happily agree if Canada pulled out of the UN. Please Mr Prime Minister, stop these monsters from coming to our country and abusing our hard earned tax money.

  19. chuck listen every day and i couldn’t agree with you more this khdar guy is getting to be a real pain in the – he should have been finished over in afghanistan by the americans and now we’re bringing him back to canada so all the bleeding heart liberals can start there whining to get poor little omar out of jail really bugs me right from the start leave him right where he is.

    • Vote -1
    • Vote +1
    ingrid sabatier on

    Every one should read this. This Omar person shud NEVER be allowed back into this country. We do not need low life murdering scum like him. Get rid of him and his whole evil family. As long as we have these sob sisters running our country it’s sad crap like this will continue to happen. When we elected you you shud have made it public that you were a gutless wonder.

    • Vote -1
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    ingrid sabatier on

    Every one should read this. This Omar person shud NEVER be allowed back into this country. We do not need low life murdering scum like him. Get rid of him and his whole evil family. As long as we have these sob sisters running our country it’s sad crap like this will continue to happen. When we elected you you shud have made it public that you were a gutless wonder.

  20. get your facts are BS……………you should be a fiction writer…your .awwwwes and tears .give me a break….you are a non-graduate and want to preach to us……ever wonder why the big boys do not reply to you………..because you don’t matter…………go back .as always .to …..FLUFF….radio

  21. Excellent!!!!!!
    This issue has to be pushed. Khadr must never set foot in this country again. Terrorists are not welcome here.

    • Vote -1
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    Johnny Maudlin on

    Why am I not surprised that your letter goes on and on and on? Is there anything, Charles (including Canada) that you love more than the sound of your own voice?

  22. How about an anti-Khadr demonstration or two? How about we all contact our MP’s and the PM’s Office? How about we spread the word by telling our friends to read Charles’s letter? How about we, the people — who are SUPPOSED to be the ones running the show — doing something besides just griping here?
    And, Charles … thanks!

    • Vote -1
    • Vote +1
    Sharon Mercier on

    Well done… My mind has been changed by your artical to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. This child soldier, Omar, is still a soldier in his heart with no remorse. Let’s pray our Prime Minister will do what is right for Canadians. May God lead him down the right path and see evil for what it is.
    Sharon Mercier

  23. Dear Mr Adler,
    I heard a part of the story of the firefighter on your radio program and was so grateful to be able to read it in its entirety. Thank-you for sharing it. My son is a firefighter so it touched my heart. To the man who saw that this man was given respect in death that he so richly deserved you are also a hero.

    • Vote -1
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    Thomas Graham on

    My God
    What is our country coming to – a person that speaks the truth and a bunch of weirdos that agree with him – I just came from our local REMEMBERANCE DAY CEREMONY and this is the first E-Mail I came accross – this is two proud Canadian moments in one day, maybe we ARE finally waking up to the fact that our elected representatives are leading us down the politiacl correct path to perdition.

  24. Too many Canadians are evidently apathetic to the freedom they have. A 15 year old knows what he’s doing, and this one certainly did when he killed a US sergeant in Afghanistan.
    He should be serving the full 40 years that the US military tribunal sentenced him to. Canadians want him in Canada so that he can collect his get-out-of-jail card early? Why? Because his parents were able to abuse Canada’s good graces?
    There has been too much of these peculiar socialistic tendencies, that seem to worship the apologetic politically correct ethic. Wake up Canada.
    Charles, thanks for pushing common sense to the surface.

  25. I hope you won’t mind, I copied/pasted your letter to PM Harper and my MP.
    As another poster said; you are a Class Act.

    • Vote -1
    • Vote +1
    david henman on

    …i have been studying current right and left politics and rhetoric for over twenty years. this post, and the comments attached to it, are just further proof of one, inescapable conclusion: the left preaches hope, the right preaches hate.

  26. I am a proud Canadian, but embarrassed when I read your letter and the comments of your listeners. I don’t condone Omar’s actions, nor those of his hateful family. However, Omar was BORN into his existence. His parent’s brainwashed him. Not any different then parent’s teaching their children to hate gay people or other ethnic groups. At what age was Omar to tell his parent’s what they were teaching him was wrong? 3, 5? Maybe 9? Get a grip. He was a boy. He did what his FATHER told him to do. Perhaps your listeners don’t have children or perhaps your listeners don’t realize how much children revere and idolize their parents. Shameful rhetoric you are spewing.

    • Vote -1
    • Vote +1
    Everett Smith on

    I am in full agreement whith your leter & hope the Prime minnister reads it & Thinks of our young heros who have been murdered by the likes of the Omar”s of the world.

    • Vote -1
    • Vote +1
    Everett Smith on

    I am in full agreement whith your leter & hope the Prime minnister reads it & Thinks of our young heros who have been murdered by the likes of the Omar”s of the world.

  27. You can only pillage a country for so long before they will say “enuff”. If you bully someone you shouldn’t be suprised if you get punched in the face all of a sudden!

  28. John Munro, you’re wrong! We will never be like Omar Khadr! Omar is a person who fights to suppress others (Taliban rules with murderous intensity) under a gross backwards pre-medieval system; Canadians are opposed to that and has proven in in WWi & II and Korea and Afghanistan, etc… You are just a Lefty lackey with no common sense!

  29. You dare to call yourself a patriot. So all your right wing “Freedom Loving” people also believe in censorship.
    Thank you for not posting my previous comment. I figured you wouldn’t. Most of you right wingers claiming “freedom” are nothing more than hypocrites.
    You, your website, your sheep/fans are all pathetic. Amazing how many responses agree with you, almost like you filter out anyone who disagrees. Oh wait that is exactly what you do! I am pleased about 1 thing, you are not running for office. Might I suggest you move to the USA where you can feel more at home being a lunatic?

  30. It’s sad that the Liberals laden Supreme Court has forced our Prime Minister into having to bring this pond scum back to Canada. Khadr has been tried in a military court. Can he at least serve his time in a military prison, not a civilian one???

  31. Bravo Mr. Adler
    You took the words so many of us have thought and written them so eloquently.
    Thank you!
    I love Canada, and thus a proud Canadian. People such as Mr. Kadhr who ‘use’ this country for their own ‘evil’ deeds – deserve nothing this country has to offer (espically to call themselves Canadian!). It’s plain sad that he, Omar, was born into hate however that is what occured and his decision(s) and beliefs are horrendous.
    My own children deserve to live their lives without fear of random acts of violence/terrorism for simply being who they are – Canadian.
    How am I to teach them to love thy neighbour no matter their creed, sex, religion when those who come to our great country are able to spout hatred and create families that continue this deplorable legacy?
    Citizenship is a privilege.
    Mr.Kadhr lost such a privilege as did his family when they continue(d) their hateful stance against this country. Truly shameful.
    If they truly don’t want to be here, don’t like Canadians, etc. then get OUT. I’m sure no one will stop them.
    It’s very unfortunate that our government did not stand up for us when it was on a world stage to say ‘enough is enough!’
    Yours Truly
    A Proud Canadian Mother

  32. Dear Mr. Adler I totally and absolutely agree with you and applaude your letter to the Prime minister. Thankyou and I hope Mr Harper listens to what you have said on behalf of all of us.

  33. Idolizing war will never bring PEACE to the world. War is a multi- billion dollar business that promotes only the few that sell their “souls” to the devil.
    As to Omar Khadar, he was a child soldier and was coerced into signing a confession.
    The Talibans are not our enemies, and though they have a strict faith, they stopped the drug running, wiped out the opium industry and organized the citizens. These were students by the way. The only reason the war in Afghanistan exists is because of the Pentagon, its lies and deception, its need for drugs to support its bloody covert missions, and of NATO pushing for War to justify its survival. Shame on such ignorance and lies and revisionist history. Canada is also responsible for torture within Afghanistan.
    I hate war, I hate the Zionist mentality of war, and I dislike intensely a PM who serves Israel when he should be serving Canada and its citizens.

  34. Thank so much Mr. Adler! I am deeply moved by your comments. On today (Nov 11th), of all days, I wanted to thank you for helping us remember and stand up for what IS CANADIAN. So many people are so afraid to stand up for what is right and just in this world. You had the courage to do this and I applaud you!
    I am a police officer in Barrie, ON and was proud to march in our city’s Remembrance Day parade today. I was filled with emotion while marching through the parade goers. It was so nice to hear the applause and see the appreciation for our vets (and emergency services). I was brought to attention directly in front of the town sqaure’s Canadian flag pole. As I stood at attention, I listend and prayed along with the ceremony. It was such a surreal experience because the day was so perfect. I stood and stared directly at the most perfect Canadian flag that waved at 3/4 value in wind. Behind it was the most lovely sky. Casting though the few clouds and flag was the warmth and glare from a beautiful sunshine. I actually had a tear in my eye……I have the image etched in my mind and feel nothing but peace and a deep sense of gratefulness for the land we live in. Upon completing the parade I extended my hand to the numerous vets nearby and thanked them. I can’t tell you what that meant to me to see the look in their weary eyes. It was a great day!
    Upon returning home, something made me recall your name and I immediately hit play on your web page and listend to your letter to Mr. Harper………..I can’t think of a better way to spend a day!!
    I have since passed your link along my facebook network for all to listen and marvel at your elequent words.
    All the best.
    Brad Traves
    Barrie, ON

  35. Think about the insult to our soldiers if this coward gets away with this. They make so little for doing so much. He wins the lottery for trying to kill us and our allies. Wouldn’t surprise me though in this country.
    I can assure Mr. Harper that if Khadr gets one cent, I too will write “declined” on my ballot next election.
    He can count on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. So most of us agree with Mr. Adler. Next step: email PM Harper. CC this email to your MP. Your comments here are touching but if you don’t go the next step – what is the point?
    Get involved people!

  37. …there is enough smug moral superiority on these pages to fuel another thousand years of right wing hate, paranoia, persecution and human slaughter.

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