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    mary-lou patey on

    July 30/12
    At approximately 4:00 pm on June 12/12 my life was forever changed. My beautiful son , Joshua, was taken from me. He died as a result of gross negligence on the part of two doctors and one nurse at the Cambridge Memorial Hospital. Since his death, I have learned many things that I had no idea about before this. To say the average person is unaware of the corruption in our medical system would be putting it mildly. I knew at once that his death was not right. The very next morning I requested all of his records from the hospital. I had so much rage inside all I wanted to do was make them pay for what they had done. After talking to about 6 lawyers I became aware that there is an association called the Canadian Medical Protection Association. This is the company that handles the doctors malpractice insurance and they have billions of dollars in reserve. To my surprise I found out that they are largely funded by Canadian tax dollars. This means that if you try to sue, the doctors are defended by your tax dollars. Also I was told that it would probably cost me about $60,000 to $70,000 dollars to get maybe 5 – 10 thousand as the government has a cap on what you are worth. The CMPA fights you and drags it out as long as they can in the hopes that you will give up. I have met so many people through the internet that this has happened to it makes me sick.
    The only recourse is to complain to the College of Physicians and Surgeons, which I have, but of course everyone I have been in contact with has assured me that nothing will come of this either ,as they have already been there, done that. I have also requested an inquest but after receiving the coroner’s autopsy results I do not hold out much hope. He is covering for the doctors. I have all the records and I know what happened to my son. The coroner left out very important info and got times and dates wrong in his letter. I have also complained about him.
    More people die from medical malpractice in our hospitals each year than all the crimes and accidents put together. However, apparently our government gives the medical profession a license to kill. The average person has no recourse and has to live with the knowledge knowing the truth and grieving for their loved one. My son was only 25. I think we need to wake up and do something about this. The doctors should be accountable to and independent board, not other doctors. We should not be paying for the doctors’ malpractice insurance. We need to stop the corruption. Please be advised that at any time this could happen to you.
    I will never give up trying to get justice for my son. I know I have a huge battle on my hands. Until the public realizes just how much corruption and cover-ups there are in our country, this will continue to hurt many more people. If you would like to read my whole story and judge for yourself you can visit my website at http://www.justiceforjosh.com . I pray this doesn’t happen to you. The very worst thing that can happen to a person is the loss of a child.
    Mary-lou Patey

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    Ernie Slater on

    Thanks so, so much for your topic concerning the Canadian health care farce. So many times I’ve argued against it and for more private care like I had while living in the US only to have people call me crazy.
    Is there a book your guest is selling so I can learn more?

    Kelowna, BC

  1. My mom was mixed up with another lady with almost the exact name, at Toronto East General, we need to get some typ of program installed in our hospitals that makes sure the staff have the right patiant , we do not have all the details, I spoke to the other Dorothy and she felt something was wrong also, she was a sweetheart of a woman. She told me she met my mom six years earlyer on a bus trip to the falls, and she reminded me that my mom lost her purse. Both of thease lady’s have passed now, they were telling us all alonge from east gen my mom is phyisiotherapy and going home . They sent us to a rehab center and the files said she was CHF chronic hart failure, but after nine weeks at that center, they were going to send us home , and no need for extra care, when they sent us home finaly on the paliative care , the files said she is lung cancer, forty days at home and my mom bled to death in our home, and nobody told us she was bleeding internaly, for thirty six days they manipulated me to give blood thinners , not the paliative team. When the coroner came we saw the files and it said benine. Forty days at home and nobody with the paliative team ever looked at INR levals. They all knew nobody would ever look into her death or the other lady just becuase of her age .

  2. I was illegal denied medical help in a life threatening situation.
    Everything covered up and swept under the rug.

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