4 thoughts on “Indoctrinating them young

  1. The fairness act all publicly funded schools shall provide equal time to the left and right when discussing politics
    Failure to do so will result in no annual wage increase for educators

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    marty max on

    Hey Chuck, that guy you had on talking bout liars especially in winnipeg. Health minister lies. College of physicians lies cops lying, doctors and politicians stealing and lying. Lying cheating and stealing is old news. Its just worse than ever and smells like communisim. I was born in Poland /54. Came here when I was four. I get it. As for that guy, he should be prime minister or at least something. get him back on air.

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    T.Robert Grose on

    Thank you Menzoid. agree with him or not, he is one of the few with the intestinal fortitude to not only wade through the lefty pool, but will do this without plugging his nose. keep it up Menzoid

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    thurzday on

    If the liars and clowns on the left want to wade around in their own ignorance and hypocrisy that’s one thing. However, while they roll around in the ideological gutter, they reach up and drag their kids down with them. These “schools” should not be allowed to use any kind of electricity or heating unless it’s done using windmills, solar panels or rainbows. Then we’ll see how much they really believe in their fairy-world foolishness. Keep exposing them just like the cockroaches they are.

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