Is this emailer on the money or out of her mind?


Hi Charles,

Just listening to your conversation on whether or not we should tax soft drinks to curb obesity. I definitely don’t think this is the right approach. People will pay the extra 5 cents for their sugary fix.

So I think I’ve come up with a better idea.

One of these “expert panelists” singled out tobacco as an example of how higher taxes have helped curb smoking rates.

Yes, I think the fact that the government super-taxed cigarettes led SOME people to quit, but I think a lot more people quit because it became impossible to smoke in bars and restaurants.

My mom actually quit smoking because she felt like such a loser standing outside in the cold puffing away on her cigarette.

So why don’t we just ban junk food in bars and restaurants?

Yes, I understand smoking was banned because of second-hand smoke…but what about second-hand munchies?

If the table next to you is chomping away on nachos and wings, you’re probably going to order the same.

So if we really want to curb obesity – ban it in bars and restaurants.

If you want a cheeseburger – go outside.

Maybe more people will quit pigging out once they start feeling like losers.



16 thoughts on “Is this emailer on the money or out of her mind?

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    Two things:
    1) Fat, although bad for you, is not an addictive poison.
    2) Grease that one person is eating in a restaurant does not give off residual, air born, grease molecules that will affect everyone in the area against their will. Although, floating cheese grease does conjure up amusing images of Homer Simpson walking through restaurants with his mouth wide. mmmmmm cheese.

  1. So if people who choose to eat dangerous foods must be “outed”, than what is in store for people like me who choose to work in dangerous professions?
    I have a suggestion, “STAY OUT OF MY DAMN LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!”
    I really wonder how many days the busy bodies of society take of a persons life? Stress kills too folks.

  2. I don’t think this idea is practical.
    Also, I think banning smoking in public was only part of the de-normalization of it.
    Don’t forget the warnings and ugly photos on the cigarette packages. And the ad campaigns by health groups.
    Why not start there? Put pics of morbidly obese people, list health problems that are caused (diabetes, heart and stroke, etc) , on packaging of pop and maybe even foods that junky and have no nutrional benefit whatsoever.
    It won’t change everyone, but it would change some.

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    ingrid sabatier on

    Food is no junk food unless you pig out all the time. How many more rules will we have for people who can not fall into the perfect person type. I don’t smoke but as long as tobaco is legal why are smokers penalized. I can see banning it for health reasons in some places but not every where .

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    ingrid sabatier on

    Food is no junk food unless you pig out all the time. How many more rules will we have for people who can not fall into the perfect person type. I don’t smoke but as long as tobaco is legal why are smokers penalized. I can see banning it for health reasons in some places but not every where .

  3. We should re think health care if you want to eat all that crap go ahead, but your heart surgery/procedure will not be covered. I see too many slobs grubbing on pure junk every minute of the day while they work, while on break and before and after they work. Then they act as if they don’t know why they are so damn fat or their health is failing. Take responsibility, sheesh!

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    Peggie Turnbull on

    Perhaps the obesity crises is a direct result of people quitting smoking. My husband is up 20 lbs. So what does he die of heart disease or lung cancer or neither.

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    Dallas Paquette on

    Why don’t we just line everyone up three times a day at designated government feeding stations where they can be fed 7 servings of this, 5 servings of that, 2 servings of this?
    Don’t like the way people drive? Put a government-issued brick under each gas pedal!
    Is your cubicle-mate wearing an offensive paisley tie? I betcha we can legislate that out in a jiffy!

  4. I think this obesity problem has been caused by changes in our culture. Think about this: 50 years ago a lot of households made their own bread, cookies, cakes, They did not use pre packaged ” convenient” foods that are full of salt , fat etc. Most families ate at home with each other and did not “hit the drive thru” on their way to this meeting or that class. Our fast paced lifestyles, coupled with more double income families has created children who are accustomed to refined sugars and bleached flours etc not real wholesome food. I myslef have struggled with weight for years. I have lost thousands of pounds and gained the same back. when I cut out refined sugars, white flour prducts etc I lost alot of weight-but!! as soon as I started eating them again I gained it all back plus more! These substances are extremely addictive!!!!I say the govt should really look at banning refined sugar and belached out flour- go back to natural products, whole grains etc. Perhaps offer bigger incentives for one parent to stay home so people can have the time it takes to prepare nutritious meals. Go back to the way we were. Our modern society is killing us in many many ways through stress, poor diets and lack of exercise. Just my two cents. Oh and PS I am a single parent who works 2 jobs, not a conservative extremeist.

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    david henman on

    …i have noticed that every time a law is enacted, or even suggested, that saves lives, there erupts a chorus of “nanny state” from those on the right.

  5. All these people begging the government to make their lives better will wake up one day soon without any choices left to make. The government will gladly take away all ability to make a choice for yourself. Ban this, ban that, absolutely crazy! Ban banning things!
    Remeber, everything Hitler did was Legal, he convinced the people to beg for the end result. Now you are all begging for it again.

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    Darren in Victoria on

    I have an idea.
    Instead of mothering us all, why don’t the Feds institute a national exercise and health awareness program, maybe target students. As an incentive, they can earn awards similiar to the Olympics – Bronze, Silver, Gold…and maybe an overachiever Award of Excellence. Everyone would get a pin or something to show they at least took part.
    We could call it something like….Participaction.

  6. I think we should make it socially unacceptable to have junk food and obesity in our society. A high consumption of junk (processed) foods in our diet has significant impact on one’s health.
    An obese person should face the same scrutiny the same way a smoker is judged.

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    Tom Weihmayr on

    My issue with taxing soft drinks is that consumers will – as a result of heavy subsidies to corn syrup producers – be taxed twice. The first time we all pay and the second time the consumers pay. Why not stop the subsidies in the first place as this will raise the cost to the end user and be more reflective of the true cost of production. Problem solved.

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