2 thoughts on “Maclean stirs 9/11 controversy

  1. What the heck is Maclean talking about? Why do I have to pay this moron’s salary? I am so sick of these guys like Maclean, Hughson, and Bob Cole that try to poeticize everything. It’s a freaking hockey game, get over yourself and just present the game. I wish I knew Hindi so I could just watch the CBC Hindi feed for the games.

  2. Wicker baskets notwithstanding there’s a much more significant travesty – elementary school kids sporting ever larger back-packs as status symbols. We live near several schools and watching these kids struggle home burdened with these things is bothersome. Jeez – when I was in school a valise was all I needed – what’s gone so wrong? BTW – There’s a metaphor somewhere in here.

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