1. Comment By: susan martens - 10:18 pm May 4, 2012

    wow! thanks so much for your amazing station. I agree with the youth with the shirt. ya, i think if mohammed or budda was on the shirt that would have been ok with that school. indeed dictatorship is the law there. God bless you for your courage in speaking out. Long live your radio station!

  2. Comment By: Joseph Dunn - 1:13 am May 5, 2012

    Do you have go changing Fords’ wet diaper so publicly? That he is one big, cranky crybaby is beyond dispute (I think even you’d agree with that, Chuck) but for heavens sake ease up on the Toronto Star – the able reporter broke no laws, did he? He’s only doing his job! If the paper is so awful why is it still the largest circulating daily in Canada? You seem more than a bit envious, dear boy. LOL!

    Mayor Ford needs to grow a layer of skin – before diaper rash becomes a real problem.

  3. Comment By: Barb - 4:39 pm May 5, 2012

    I just listened to your interview with Commadant Nancy. She spouts nothing but politically correct crud. God help our children. How do we fight this. It is like a bad disease that continues to spread. Everyday seems to becoming like a waking nightmare. You rock Mr. Adler!!!!

  4. Comment By: david henman - 5:28 pm May 7, 2012

    …i find it rather instructive that conservatives, who claim to be all about personal accountability, keep looking for someone else to blame for rob ford’s bizarre behavior.

    • Comment By: brian mouland - 7:33 am May 9, 2012

      Is not Mr.Dale accountable to the standards of a professional journalist

  5. Comment By: T.Robert Grose - 8:20 am May 10, 2012

    I don’t care what your political position/views happens to be. or whether or not you agree with Rob Ford. one thing is VERY clear, Mr. Ford’s privacy was infringed upon. Comrades at the TS need to count themselves lucky, this did not happen in the U.S., because i will GUARANTEE that this little wuss wouldn’t be complaining about a cocked fist.

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