Menzoid Essay: Drive-Thrus

Full disclosure: The Menzoid hates drive-thrus for numerous reasons, some of which are noted in the Weird Al Yankovic song, Trapped in the Drive Thru.

But if you want to patronize these fast-food lanes, that’ your business.
But alas, Nanny State-ism has come to the Drive-Thru. You see, according to the Chronicle Herald, Bernard Barrett has been told by his local Tim Hortons outlet that he’s no longer welcome to use the drive thru-lane in his scooter.

Why would that be? Well, according to Tim Hortons spokes-thingy David Morelli, it is corporate policy to ban “non-licenced, non-motorized
vehicles” from drive-thrus.

Said Morelli: “We don’t want anyone getting hurt.”

Hurt? It’s a drive-thru not an expressway! How fast do cars go in a drive-through? A fraction of a fraction of a kilometre? And Tim Hortons deems this to be dangerous?

Worse, Barrett has special needs and requires a scooter for mobility. And because it is a large, four-wheeled device, it’s too hard for him to
maneuver it inside the restaurant.

So the question arises: how does Tim Hortons no drive-through policy trump the rights of disabled customers?

In fact, one has to wonder if a disabled customer actually has fewer rights than a dog at Tim Hortons? Check out this Tim Hortons TV ad which
describes how Sammi the wonder dog picks up a donut from the Timmy’s drive-thru every morning:

Sooo … it’s OK for a pooch to use a drive-thru lane at Timmie’s … but it’s not OK for a human being with special needs?

Apparently, the coffee shop that specializes in the double-double also champions the double standard.

Nice to see Tim Hortons, the latest entity to embrace the merits of an uber-safe bubble-wrapped society, has its priorities straight.

Maple Leaf great Tim Horton must be doing Serge Savardian spin-o-ramas in the grave right now…


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