3 thoughts on “Milroy Montage – In Defense of a Christian Police Chief

  1. I was delighted you did a show on this subject. We appear to be coming apart at the seams in society and people are complaining about this. I was shocked to hear that. I commend him for it. If he wants to run for a higher office in ths Province, I will vote for him. Do you happen to have an email address or info on the best way I can let him know that he is far from alone.

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    Mathew Banack on

    Mr. Devon Clunis,

    First, thank you for your approximately 25 years of service to the citizens of Winnipeg. Just plain Thank You. No “but”.

    I commend you for your fortitude in living your Faith through your service to your fellow citizen. Thank you for not going all defensive and sniveling when some of the media jumped on your recent interview. Your unapologetic response is truly inspiring, and you exemplify that your religion is a freedom which you treasure.

    The concept of Freedom of Religion has been mis-construed into Freedom FROM Religion. We watch in dismay, as all references to faith and religion are systematically banished from buildings, schools, and the public existence. In the interest of being politically correct and in-offensive, we find ourselves falling into a condition of state-mandated absence of religion. Which is the antithesis of Freedom of Religion.

    “Religious Tolerance” is another back-door way of removing faith from our daily lives. If I observe that faith or religion is cherished by a fellow citizen, even if that faith or religion is not what I believe and follow, there is no way I will “tolerate” that faith or religion. Rather, out of decency and respect for my fellow citizen, I will make an effort to understand their faith, respectfully observe their religion, and to the extent that their religion allows, celebrate with them. “Tolerate” is what I do with a toothache as I wait a day or so for an appointment with my dentist. “Celebrate” is what I do with something that I know is important to others.

    Thank You again for your service, and Thank You for defending Freedom of Religion.

  2. I really don’t see why this is being defended. When the police chief put in his uniform he leaves his PERSONAL religious beliefs at home. Very simple as he is working for everybody, not just Christians. Thus his religious beliefs are irrelevant to the job at hand. And really, does more praying help reduce crime? Common sense should answer that, whether your a Christian, Jew or Muslim. So how does being a Christian or any of the religions help the job. It does not, it further complicates the job as we can see. And Charles, don’t kid your self or anybody else. Your defending this because your a Christian not because of the issue. And if I’m wrong, ask your self this. If the chief would have kept his personal religious opinions to him self. Would there be a issue at all? This issue is a waste of time and resources and you know it.. I am starting to think your the same as the other media outlets. Not interested in reporting the news, but pushing personal agendas. Spin Doc. ??

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