2 thoughts on “Milroy Montage: “Tenants From Hell”

  1. Charles, I have been a fan for some time, but recently I am becoming frustrated with your views and the views of you guests in regard to the oil sands. I am someone who lived and worked within the oil sands. I can tell you that as far as carbon output is concerned – the related to the caustic chemicals released into the local air. What you should focus on is the s truely unbelievable scope of fresh water usage by the oil sands. Fact 1: Each day 1.5 million barrels of sludge (It must be cracked 2 more times before it is practical to use) is produced. Fact 2 : Each day 7.5 million barrels of water is used to make this deliverable sludge. Fact 3: Water is the source of all life and without it we all die. I would be remiss if I did not also state that the residents of Fort Chipewyan are dieing due to being downstream from the oilsands (Yes pollution dumped into the Athabasca River, just take a swim near Fort McKay).

  2. Hi Charles,
    Please give me the name of the pain medication you endorse.
    By the way: I always enjoy your show on AM640.

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