7 thoughts on “Monologue: My Name is not Colonel Williams

  1. Really Charles ?
    So Calgary has elected a Muslim mayor and surprise everyone…. Sharia is here, or at least on the way!
    Please refrain from the fear mongering innuendoes, I have indigestion from all of the fear being constantly fed by the media. We always have to live in fear of something don’t we? There always has to be an enemy to constantly be aware of.
    The vast majority of Canadian Muslims are not plotting for Sharia Charles, and particularly not Calgary’s newest mayor!

  2. Really Ashli????
    THAT’S what you got out of Mr. Adler’s opinion. He meant exactly what you said. Calgary’s new mayor isn’t plotting to bring in Shari’a. We are tolerant Ashli. That’s the point. But when an appeals court in Ontario goes against a longstanding tradition of Canadian law (grounded in the Magna Carta) of the accused being given the chance to face his/her accuser this smacks of forcing Shari’a into established Canadian law.
    The courts are caving not Calgary’s new mayor.
    Wow. Maybe you should apply the adage: ‘measure twice – cut once’. Read twice – get the message. (And maybe your indigestion will go away too….)
    My new ‘enemy’ are individuals who become offended every time somebody states their OPINION.

  3. Say, Charles, When I heard your monologue ‘My Name Is Not Colonel Williams’, I wanted to scream at the radio, ‘What can we do to correct this?’ I agree with you wholeheartedly about the appeals court. I know of no way to do anything about it, and I am frustrated. What can we do?

  4. WOW! I must agree with Mr Adler. We have been putting up with this Canadian Milk Toast Politically Correctness long enough. I have complained to my MP’s and MPP’s to no avail. They will not even answer my correspondence. Thank you Sir. for telling it the way it is.

  5. Thank you Charles Adler and Lord Monckton, Angela Merkel, the Swiss and others who are speaking out against ridiculous tolerance for barbaric practices such as sharia law, the wearing of burquas in western countries and building “trophy mosques” in Shanksville, Pennsylvania and Ground Zero, New York.
    Tolerance stops here. We love you Charles and our white males who like to look but are generally respectful of we women. It is fun to flirt with you and thank you for being such great men. I think Ms. Hussein has some sad views of men and she has no idea how this country became great.
    Canadians, on the whole, have never been greedy; we have been generous as a nation. All of my ancestors came here in 1817-1860 with little, except a determination to make a good life. My 2nd great grandfather was given 200 acres of raw land in 1817 and an axe. They worked hard and one of my other 2nd great grandfathers was nearly eaten by wolves. By 1851, they all had successful farms and lived in sharing communities. The third generation opened the Canadian west as pioneers in Alberta and Saskatchewan, and my grandparents’ family almost starved during the depression. My ancestors built the Canada we see today on Christian values and a solid British-Canadian legal system.
    You, Ms. Hussein, are a disgrace and I would never personally want to see you as a fellow citizen; our family had too much pride to ever accept welfare and handouts. The immigrants who came before you were nothing like you. I hope that you emigrate from Canada, as you you do not deserve to live here.

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    david henman on

    …i am an insider. by that i mean that i am a white, heterosexual, english-speaking males who, at one time, “self-identified” as a conservative, and i’m here to report that it is we who whine loudest and longest about so-called “political correctness”, multiculturalism, tolerance, compassion, human rights advocates, women’s rights advocates, gay rights advocates, minorities and, well, anyone who is NOT a white, heterosexual, enlglish-speaking male.
    perhaps we are getting a little too much irony in our diets?

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