7 thoughts on “Montreal Taxi Hit and Run Caught on Video

  1. sympathy for the taxi driver as he was clearly being totally harrassed by those guys. I think the taxi driver definately regrets what has happened but I feel for him trying to get out of there. those guys were deliberately wrecking his car. there is always 2 sides to every story

  2. Wow! I have sympathy for the cab driver too. Still, who knows what happened before the video even started. Sounds like the guy who kicked the door near the beginning just got out of the cab.

    What I find amazing is how stupid he must be. Anyone having a problem in a cab has access to every single cabbie nearby who will come to help if asked. And a simple word to the dispatcher gets the cops. *shakes head*

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    James B on

    Hypothetical scenario…
    A man is swarmed and harassed by a group of individuals. He tells them he has a deadly weapon, but doesn’t want to use it (call it a gun). They then continue to swarm him, and kick at him, and jump at him. So, while trying to flee, he inadvertently lets off the weapon and injurs one of them. He still fears for his life, so he keeps running.
    Now, imagine the same scenario, but call the weapon a car.
    Not saying it was justified… but what did the swarmers expect?

  3. I feel sorry for the taxi driver because his life is ruined over $9 and 3 worthless scumbags who are the future of this country.
    I just can’t understand why he didn’t drive away before tit escalated like that… what a shame.

  4. stupid fn people in the cab everyday, sure cabbie probly said something to the customer , but it doesnt matter what he said , because anytime someone wants more than what the cab is for , a ride , and thier under the influence, you tell them no and its 99 percent sure it wont end well wether its attitude or violence, and of course a bunch of drunk 20 somethings at that time of the night, when do you ever hear anything positive about that demographic at that time of the night, no matter the colour.

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