Omar Khar was no Child and He certainly was No Soldier

by Charles Adler

You will Forever be a Murderer in My Eyes…the words of the young widow Tabitha Speer in court to Omar Khadr…Tabitha Speer was married to the young American Male Medic who was unarmed, when Omar Khadr tried to kill as many of his enemies as possible, as many of our allies as possible, when he killed her husband Christopher Speer, leaving behind a wife and two children…The widow said at Guantanamo, looking straight at the killer, I've heard over and over how he's the victim, he's the child…He made a choice, My children had no choice…They didn't deserve to have their farther taken by someone unworthy like you.

The Jury is now in. A forty year sentence for Khadr, for all the crimes he confessed to, including Murder, Attempted Murder, and Conspiracy to Murder. He isn't going to do forty years. Sentence was reduced to eight and he might do some of the time in Canada. That's still murky. Here's what isn't murky. Tabitha the young widow is not happy with how the legal system tried to…how the media system purchased the fairy tale that this murderer was a child. She is likely on the very same page as a house hold name around the world who yesterday called the media corrupt bastards, for obviously favouring one side over the other in a political contest. I never used the term Corrupt bastards about the media campaigning for the unelected coalition government scam that Gilles Duceppe, Jack Layton and Stephane Dion were hatching in Canada, the one that came with a document that the Three Stooges had signed and an accompanying document that contained the weak little signature of Michael Ignatieff at the bottom of the document, a signature so tepid that it was crystal clear that the Harvard scholar knew that this document, this idea to seize the government without an election and make Dion the Prime Minister with his hand being held by Jack Layton, possibly Finance Minister Layton…and with Prime Minister Dion having a metaphorical pistol held to his temple by Gilles Duceppe leader of the Bloc, the Let's kill Canada block. And much of the media, CBC, Toronto Star, the usual suspects were cheerleading the Attempted Coup and while I didn't call them corrupt bastards for doing it, I could have, not only because they were so favouring something the people who matter most, the Canadian people didn't want, but because of why they were favoring it.

It wasn't about who they were for…It was who they were against…The Conservatives…Too White, Too Male, Too Straight, Too Western. In the case of Omar Khadr, some people make the mistake of thinking that the Media is in love with Khadr. Not a chance. No member of the media I can think of would want to marry him or have him marry their sister. I know there's a professor in Edmonton who has been corresponding with him over the years according to the court documents. I'm sure it's a purely intellectual fetish that she is harboring. Sure that she feels that he has been wronged and she wants to correct him. He told the story in court that he wants to go to school in Edmonton and become a lawyer. They have one of Canada's best law schools in Edmonton. Don't know if the University of Alberta Law school wants to some day accept Khadr and help to fulfill his Canadian dream. Don't know if the parents from across the country would want their young people attending classes with Khadr or as he is known on my website Poor Poor Omar.

I think it would be a mistake to believe that the media in this country that has adopted him were motivated by his ideology or his legal claim or his lineage or his delightful mother who at some point regretted that another one of her sons didn't die in battle in Afghanistan because that would have made him a martyr, a martyr for the same cause that has taken more than 150 members of the Canadian Forces.

And by the way there is a wonderful song that has been recorded on the banks of that great glacier fed North Saskatchewan River in the same city that Omar wants to live in? The song is in support of Canadian military families, the ones Omar was bent on destroying. It was recorded by 28 Canadian artists including Dean Brody, Terri Clark, Beverley Mahood and Ridley Bent. It is called Standing Strong and True. The video is being sold as of this week just ahead of Remembrance Day Week….You can get all the info on it on We Salute Our Heroes.CA….proud to say that CMT a member of our Corus Entertainment family played a huge role in making this video.

I dedicate it to Canadian Corporal Brian Pinksen, who died Aug 30, the 152nd soldier to die as a result of injuries sustained in Afghanistan. He was a Reserve soldier, a member of the Corner Brook-based 2nd Battalion, The Royal Newfoundland Regiment. I dedicate that reading to him and the 151 who died in Canadian Uniforms and to Sgt Christopher Speer, the Special Foces medic killed by Omar Khadr…the man he killed and the men and women I have dedicated that reading to were real soldiers. Omar Khadr the so-called Child Soldier was no child. That's legal and media fiction. But most important he was no Soldier. He was a killer who unlike the man he killed and unlike the people we are remembering, Omar Khadr enjoyed killing. He has testified to it. After being revived by another special forces soldier who could have, but didn't let him bleed out and die, he was being held at a base in Afghanistan and naturally he wasn't happy about being captured. But he said that what kept his spirits up was the knowledge that he had murdered a real soldier. Omar Khadr was no child. And He was no soldier. And if some morally corrupt bastards want to continue to propagate the lie that he was – they can do that in this free country. But you have every right and even duty to talk back. Always remember they aren't venerating Omar because of what he did. It's because of who he did it too. Russell Williams also enjoyed killing. He is not being venerated by media because he enjoyed torturing and killing Canadian women. Pickton and Bernardo are not being venerated by the corrupt bastards because he too targeted Canadian women. But poor poor Omar the one who enjoyed killing. He targeted a White American male. For the corrupt bastards it's been open season on that target for years now. When it comes to media bias. It's not who they're for. It's who they're against. Those who in Toronto, in media, those who wrapped their arms around George Smitherman weren't in love with him. They hated his political enemy Rob Ford. He wasn't urban or urbane. He wasn't liberal. In the case of the Attempted Coup by the Coalition of Dion, Duceppe and Layton…Many of the media supported it not because of their love of Dion who they mocked constantly and Dion would have been the prime beneficiary. The man could never get elected Prime Minister and had already announced that he was leaving. This was his only shot. The media supported the Coup because of who it was overthrowing, Harper. Had the shoe been on the other foot. Had Harper's party gotten fewer votes than the Liberals. Had Harper tried to muscle in with a phony coalition, the media would have put the boots to him. No lessons on the constitution and how wonderful this idea was, how superior it was…How European it was.  You can take this to the bank. The Corrupt bastards don't have any real loyalty to their helping. It's about who they're opposing. If you forget everything you have heard me say for the last few minutes just remember this:

Omar Khadr was No Child and He certainly was no soldier.




7 thoughts on “Omar Khar was no Child and He certainly was No Soldier

  1. FINALLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone in the “media” has the testicular fortitude to stand up for what is right and call a spade a spade. This “Child” is not worth the space for him in the media except for the revenue they can expect to generate form this story. He is NOT and never will be a Canadian welcomed in my country, His family from what I hear are persons non welcome and their killing lifestyle is something a peace loving people find disgusting. I hate war but I do understand the political game played to keep it going. I find it deeply disturbing that the powers that be deem it a need that the pawns they play must be kept in the dark and denied the truth. Here-here Charles keep up the common sence fight and dont let the people that control hide in the dark.

  2. My Uncle died on D Day . My Aunt got the telegram as she was celebrating the end of the war. He died to protect us and now we are trying to bring a cold blooded murderer to this great country. He and his family should all be sent back “home” where their hearts are. WE DON’T WANT THEM HERE

  3. if you let omar in canada mr prime minister would you please do us a favour and cross the isle and join the liberal party or the NDP because i will not vote in the next election for there is no leader to vote for and maybe we will get a leader that has got balls.

  4. So you have no doubt that the confession was not coerced in any way through potentially illegal means do you? The only thing that matters is the widow of the American soldier. At least she had the chance to confront the “murderer” a lot better than all the families in Afghanistan who never get to confront the soldiers who killed their family members.
    I have trouble even writing here because I know you are so set in your ways, so amazingly narrow minded and racist, there is little chance you will ever see reality. The majority of the nation does NOT agree with you. The only place I see overwhelming support for your view, is here, where dissenting views apparently do not exist. It’s amazing how almost every reply supports your view.
    You’re not big on free speech are you? You fixate on issues like this of trivial importance while ignoring larger issues such as class inequality. Your brethren in the media support this idea, never touching on real social issues, just the current superficial flavor of the month story you report obediently.
    I pity you, your family and anyone who supports your ignorance.

  5. I wish so much that Tabatha Speers & the family of Christopher Speers would launch a lawsuit against omar khadr & his family. I & i’m sure many many Canadians would gladly give some money to the Speers family to have them Sue this piece of garbage & his family. Give them some of their own medicine.Take any money they may recieve from our country & have it go to the Speers family.I’m sick & tired of these type of people spitting in the faces of our Brave Men & Women in the Canadian Armed Forces. My son has served in the Forces & did his tour in Afghanistan also. I am a former Soldier also.This country needs to Wake up now.

  6. I don’t think we live in a free Country anymore because we can’t say what we think for fear of being fired at work or some action taken against us. Why can’t Canada keep it’s traditions and a simple thing like wishing everyone a Happy Christmas is frowned upon-it’s just terrible. Canada is falling apart and no-one has the guts to do anything about it.

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    david henman on

    …they commit atrocities. we commit atrocities. they teach their children to hate us. we teach our children to hate them. they think they are “the good guys”. we think we are “the good guys”. that’s how it works. yes, they are more primitive than we are. but, legally/illegally, morally/immorally, ethically/unethically, we still slaughter each other’s children, brothers, fathers, sisters and mothers.

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