Omar Khar was no Child and He certainly was No Soldier

by Charles Adler

You will Forever be a Murderer in My Eyes…the words of the young widow Tabitha Speer in court to Omar Khadr…Tabitha Speer was married to the young American Male Medic who was unarmed, when Omar Khadr tried to kill as many of his enemies as possible, as many of our allies as possible, when he killed her husband Christopher Speer, leaving behind a wife and two children…The widow said at Guantanamo, looking straight at the killer, I've heard over and over how he's the victim, he's the child…He made a choice, My children had no choice…They didn't deserve to have their farther taken by someone unworthy like you.

The Jury is now in. A forty year sentence for Khadr, for all the crimes he confessed to, including Murder, Attempted Murder, and Conspiracy to Murder. He isn't going to do forty years. Sentence was reduced to eight and he might do some of the time in Canada. That's still murky. Here's what isn't murky. Tabitha the young widow is not happy with how the legal system tried to…how the media system purchased the fairy tale that this murderer was a child. She is likely on the very same page as a house hold name around the world who yesterday called the media corrupt bastards, for obviously favouring one side over the other in a political contest. I never used the term Corrupt bastards about the media campaigning for the unelected coalition government scam that Gilles Duceppe, Jack Layton and Stephane Dion were hatching in Canada, the one that came with a document that the Three Stooges had signed and an accompanying document that contained the weak little signature of Michael Ignatieff at the bottom of the document, a signature so tepid that it was crystal clear that the Harvard scholar knew that this document, this idea to seize the government without an election and make Dion the Prime Minister with his hand being held by Jack Layton, possibly Finance Minister Layton…and with Prime Minister Dion having a metaphorical pistol held to his temple by Gilles Duceppe leader of the Bloc, the Let's kill Canada block. And much of the media, CBC, Toronto Star, the usual suspects were cheerleading the Attempted Coup and while I didn't call them corrupt bastards for doing it, I could have, not only because they were so favouring something the people who matter most, the Canadian people didn't want, but because of why they were favoring it.

It wasn't about who they were for…It was who they were against…The Conservatives…Too White, Too Male, Too Straight, Too Western. In the case of Omar Khadr, some people make the mistake of thinking that the Media is in love with Khadr. Not a chance. No member of the media I can think of would want to marry him or have him marry their sister. I know there's a professor in Edmonton who has been corresponding with him over the years according to the court documents. I'm sure it's a purely intellectual fetish that she is harboring. Sure that she feels that he has been wronged and she wants to correct him. He told the story in court that he wants to go to school in Edmonton and become a lawyer. They have one of Canada's best law schools in Edmonton. Don't know if the University of Alberta Law school wants to some day accept Khadr and help to fulfill his Canadian dream. Don't know if the parents from across the country would want their young people attending classes with Khadr or as he is known on my website Poor Poor Omar.

I think it would be a mistake to believe that the media in this country that has adopted him were motivated by his ideology or his legal claim or his lineage or his delightful mother who at some point regretted that another one of her sons didn't die in battle in Afghanistan because that would have made him a martyr, a martyr for the same cause that has taken more than 150 members of the Canadian Forces.

And by the way there is a wonderful song that has been recorded on the banks of that great glacier fed North Saskatchewan River in the same city that Omar wants to live in? The song is in support of Canadian military families, the ones Omar was bent on destroying. It was recorded by 28 Canadian artists including Dean Brody, Terri Clark, Beverley Mahood and Ridley Bent. It is called Standing Strong and True. The video is being sold as of this week just ahead of Remembrance Day Week….You can get all the info on it on We Salute Our Heroes.CA….proud to say that CMT a member of our Corus Entertainment family played a huge role in making this video.

I dedicate it to Canadian Corporal Brian Pinksen, who died Aug 30, the 152nd soldier to die as a result of injuries sustained in Afghanistan. He was a Reserve soldier, a member of the Corner Brook-based 2nd Battalion, The Royal Newfoundland Regiment. I dedicate that reading to him and the 151 who died in Canadian Uniforms and to Sgt Christopher Speer, the Special Foces medic killed by Omar Khadr…the man he killed and the men and women I have dedicated that reading to were real soldiers. Omar Khadr the so-called Child Soldier was no child. That's legal and media fiction. But most important he was no Soldier. He was a killer who unlike the man he killed and unlike the people we are remembering, Omar Khadr enjoyed killing. He has testified to it. After being revived by another special forces soldier who could have, but didn't let him bleed out and die, he was being held at a base in Afghanistan and naturally he wasn't happy about being captured. But he said that what kept his spirits up was the knowledge that he had murdered a real soldier. Omar Khadr was no child. And He was no soldier. And if some morally corrupt bastards want to continue to propagate the lie that he was – they can do that in this free country. But you have every right and even duty to talk back. Always remember they aren't venerating Omar because of what he did. It's because of who he did it too. Russell Williams also enjoyed killing. He is not being venerated by media because he enjoyed torturing and killing Canadian women. Pickton and Bernardo are not being venerated by the corrupt bastards because he too targeted Canadian women. But poor poor Omar the one who enjoyed killing. He targeted a White American male. For the corrupt bastards it's been open season on that target for years now. When it comes to media bias. It's not who they're for. It's who they're against. Those who in Toronto, in media, those who wrapped their arms around George Smitherman weren't in love with him. They hated his political enemy Rob Ford. He wasn't urban or urbane. He wasn't liberal. In the case of the Attempted Coup by the Coalition of Dion, Duceppe and Layton…Many of the media supported it not because of their love of Dion who they mocked constantly and Dion would have been the prime beneficiary. The man could never get elected Prime Minister and had already announced that he was leaving. This was his only shot. The media supported the Coup because of who it was overthrowing, Harper. Had the shoe been on the other foot. Had Harper's party gotten fewer votes than the Liberals. Had Harper tried to muscle in with a phony coalition, the media would have put the boots to him. No lessons on the constitution and how wonderful this idea was, how superior it was…How European it was.  You can take this to the bank. The Corrupt bastards don't have any real loyalty to their helping. It's about who they're opposing. If you forget everything you have heard me say for the last few minutes just remember this:

Omar Khadr was No Child and He certainly was no soldier.




Is this emailer on the money or out of her mind?


Hi Charles,

Just listening to your conversation on whether or not we should tax soft drinks to curb obesity. I definitely don’t think this is the right approach. People will pay the extra 5 cents for their sugary fix.

So I think I’ve come up with a better idea.

One of these “expert panelists” singled out tobacco as an example of how higher taxes have helped curb smoking rates.

Yes, I think the fact that the government super-taxed cigarettes led SOME people to quit, but I think a lot more people quit because it became impossible to smoke in bars and restaurants.

My mom actually quit smoking because she felt like such a loser standing outside in the cold puffing away on her cigarette.

So why don’t we just ban junk food in bars and restaurants?

Yes, I understand smoking was banned because of second-hand smoke…but what about second-hand munchies?

If the table next to you is chomping away on nachos and wings, you’re probably going to order the same.

So if we really want to curb obesity – ban it in bars and restaurants.

If you want a cheeseburger – go outside.

Maybe more people will quit pigging out once they start feeling like losers.



Poor Omar

It's hard for me to feel sorry for this guy. Canada has spent way, way too much on him and his whole family. I'm sure 8 years in Gitmo hasn’t turned him around.    

These are NOT very pleasant pictures, but…

Notice the pair of hands he is carrying that have been chopped off a living person.

Poor Omar Khadr?

Omar smiling 

The next time you watch the news and are treated to how poor Omar Khadr was just a child in Afghanistan, held against his will, forced to do the terrorists bidding then "tortured" at Guantanamo…


Remember the pictures the bleeding hearts in the media won’t show you…

Young omar 

Notice the AK47 behind him.

Omar making bomb 

Young Omar happily and intently arming land mines.

Remember this — those who want him saved and brought back to Canada !!!!








Omar with hands 

Our poor Omar taking trophies home.

And remember the victim and reason why there is a trial.

Sgt Christopher James Speer.


A medic who was helping care for the injured on the battlefield.


Very little is ever said about him. Pray for his wife, Tabitha, who will be attending Khadr’s trial.


My Grandfather

By the Menzoid

I have two theories when it comes to Heather Mallick’s bizarre, poison-penned attack on the male gender. One is that Heather Mallick is simply being sensational for the sake of sensationalism. If so, this is truly the cheapest form of journalism. It’s just way too easy. Any hack can pull that off. Pick a subject, any subject. How about, say, intergenerational marriage? Ergo, if a nine-year-old and a mature adult love one and other, who are we to get in the way of their consensual relationship?

See? Writing preposterous copy and passing it off as serious commentary just to generate “buzz” is strictly amateur hour.

I won’t bother dwelling on the odious double-standard inherent to Mallick’s rant. After all, replace the word “men” in her column with any other identifiable group – say, “blacks” or “Muslims” – and there’d be hell to pay. Exhibit A: Juan Williams.

Actually, what am I suggesting? A Heather Mallick temper tantrum painting any other identifiable group with the same brush due to the actions of a single person would never see the light of day in a bastion of contrived political correctness such as the Toronto Star

So, I defer to Theory #2: Maybe – just maybe – Heather Mallick honestly believes she’s writing the truth. And maybe, like all good authors, Mallick is drawing upon personal experience. 

If this is indeed the case, oh, how my heart goes out to Heather. Was her father truly that horrid during her formative years? Did she suffer from the unwanted advances of a creepy uncle? Was every male teacher a pompous chauvinist? Was every eligible bachelor a two-timing weasel? Is her current husband that detestable?

If so, what rotten, lousy luck. To continually meet one horrid, misogynistic man after another… it simply defies the odds. I mean, to constantly hook up with that tiny percentile of men who really do despise women is nothing short of awe-inducing bad karma.

As most rational people know full well, women tend to have fathers and brothers and uncles and husbands and teachers and mentors and sons and friends and colleagues who are, pardon the phrase, “nice guys.” They are not misogynists. They do not harbour rape fantasies. They don’t despise females.

On the contrary. They love women. They admire the nurturing, kind spirit that is inherent to motherhood. If such weren’t the case, I fear our species would be on the brink of extinction.

I never had a father in my life. But I did have a grandfather, at least until I was 13. My grandfather had immigrated to Canada from Scotland in 1946. Prior to that, he was on an extended five-year excursion, otherwise known as fighting the Nazis. It took a toll: I was told that when he left Glasgow at the start of World War Two, he had a full head of red hair. And when he returned, every single follicle on his scalp was whiter than ivory.

Although a qualified engineer, he was on the short end of the stick in terms of finding a job in Canada when he emigrated here thanks to his age and the influx of men returning home from overseas. The best he could manage was a foreman’s position at a garbage dump in Toronto’s west end. Ever the optimist, his continual refrain was, “The work’s dirty, but the money’s clean.”

Thanks to my grandfather, I remain burdened with a debt that can never be repaid. He instilled in me values ranging from loyalty and devotion to honour and civility. And he did so by example.

Indeed, one day, he gave me a life lesson that will forever remain etched in my cranium. I can’t remember the exact details, but as a know-nothing nine-year-old, I made a disparaging remark about a janitor.

My grandfather’s face went redder than tomatoes at harvest time. His eyes narrowed as he gently pulled me aside and told me in no uncertain terms that I was to never – as in NEVER – mock anyone for the job they were doing. Any legitimate job amounts to honest work, he stressed. And if anyone deserves to be mocked, it is the criminals and cheats who simply can’t be bothered working for a living.

There were many other lessons that he gave me in my 13 formative years. And, when necessary, there was discipline, too. He was a hybrid friend and benevolent dictator. And he was precisely what I needed at that time.

I think of other male role models I have encountered in my life – teachers, coaches, Boy Scout leaders. Like my grandfather, they, too, were guiding lights who inspired and motivated and taught me right from wrong. I guess I must be the luckiest guy on earth that I wasn’t continually coming into contact all those male monsters Heather Mallick says are lurking everywhere.

In Mallick’s world, I suppose my grandfather’s death at the age of 65 – barely four months into his retirement – is something to celebrate. One less male in the world, after all; one less “potential rapist” or “serial killer” for Mallick and her ilk to worry about.

But I can assure you that everyone who knew my grandfather mourned his passing, male and female alike. In this respect, he was no different from millions of men around the world: he was a hard-working breadwinner who, despite being dealt a lousy hand in the game of life, nevertheless “manned up” (pardon the language.) He didn’t complain; he didn’t whine; and he certainly didn’t harbour urges of violent rage toward women or anyone else.

* * * * * *

The other day, I was having dinner with my two young sons. We talked about what time period we’d visit if there really was such a thing as a time machine. Sean said he’d want to go back several centuries to the days of knights in shining armour, basically to see if there really were dragons on the planet.

My other son, Adam, said he’d set the coordinates for 120 million years ago, so that he could explore the Jurassic Era and witness firsthand the enormous dinosaurs that exist today only as fossils in museums.

I’m afraid my choice of time period was far less flamboyant. You see, I told my sons that if I could alter the time/space continuum, I’d want to go back to June, 1975, just days before my grandfather died of a massive heart attack. And I’d want to go back to this point in time in order to carry out one simple task: to tell my grandfather how much I loved him.