Dear Mr Singh


Dear mr. singh


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Experience and common sense tells me that what people can "get away" with saying usually has something of greater punch and teeth lying in their hearts. 

I am in no way inferring that you have beers with David Duke, but listening to your show and reading your "letters" would give me credence to lay a fairly large sized bet with Vegas that you would prefer your Canada all white, god-fearing, Queen-ass kissing, etc.  At least afford me the respect that I am not too far off in that remark.

I honestly don't care what kind of country you wish Canada to be–filled with Stephen Harpers, Mike Harrisites, etc.
Seriously. I don't care.  If you want to "your" country to live in some halcyon days of Ward Cleaver meets John Wayne meets John Birch Society…go for it!  Use all your resources of radio and print to let that message of insularity, fear, myopia, xeroxed whiteness packaged in outrage and disgust fly as free as you think this country is not.
Adler, I am waaaay more Canadian than you.  I played compettive hockey from the age of 7 until 42.  I saw Max Webster and April Wine in the 70's.  I own every single Tragically Hip album.  I drink Canadian beer.  I saw Team Canada play hockey in the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino.  Shall I go on in checking off the Canadiana checklist for you?

Do I worship the Queen.  Hell no.  Do I worship Jesus Christ?  Jesus who?  Am I over 75?  heh…? 
You choose your questions for defining Canadian and I will choose mine. 
Keep those wondefully clever invectives veiled in free speech and us vs. "them" coming…I don't have XM Radio..and such, can't access comedy as freely as I would like to:)
Sunil Singh<—what kind of Kanadian name is that?????
P.S  Never play checkers when the real game being played is chess…


Mr Singh, I want to thank you for sending me this note. Your PS BS is what motivates me. You fancy yourself to be a chess player, I gather. I have a soft spot in my heart for chess.  As you may know from listening to the show, while watching the Ward Cleavers was part of my childhood experience, I was not unclear about the fact that my dad hadn't lived Ward's life. There was no episode of Leave it to Beaver where Ward is held in a Siberian forced labour camp for 3 years, watching men around him being executed or so depressed that they wish to be executed, and surviving by keeping his mind alive with his faith in God, his deep seemingly irrational desire to be reunited with his family, and his opportunity to play Chess. The rudimentary chess board and the rudimentary chess pieces helped to prevent his mind and soul from hitting the wall of atrophy.  Atrophy isn't a checkers term, Mr Singh. It's much more of a chess player's term. The tailor's son is fully bilingual, Mr Singh. Ask any talent headhunter in our industry whether yours truly's brand has as much appeal to the chess players as the checker players. I have a soft spot in my heart for Chess, Mr Singh. But if you don't mind me using a chess term – you remind me of a pawn. The pawns on the board as you know are to be used by those higher on the food chain. They're cannon fodder for the Royalty on the board. Are you royalty Mr Singh or just a pawn whose time on the board is limited? Your attempts to portray me, but more to the point, your attempts to portray citizens of Adler Nation as Old White Bigots makes you one more pseudo intellectual pawn in the contemporary liberal approach to the all political argument in Canada today. Sophomoric unresearched fluff. 

If you did your homework on my audience you would find out that in percentage terms, they're not uneducated or uncultured. And when it comes to minorities, in many parts of the country our brand has done better with minorities than it has with  Liberal Wasps who are the Kings and Queens of the Canadian Liberal Chessboard. Isn't that true Mr Singh? And to continue with our little Chess game you know that the Queen and King of Liberalism have a couple of knights. One of them is the Toronto Star and the other is that far more deadly knight, their knight in shining armor -THE CBC with its unique window on the world of Canadian education. It's unique entry into the minds of school teachers and the children we entrust with them. They like you Mr Singh, indoctrinated with the CBC vision of Canada - And by the way they don't play Chess with the history of Canada. No, it's not subtle and nuanced and Chess-like. It's all Checkers, Mr Sing.

The CBC sees Canada as a cold, cold country with a cold, cold heart , the bastion of a bigoted uncultured crew of white Christians mainly from the British Isles who sought to benefit themselves by exploiting as many minorities as they could, first the native Indians who they infected with venereal diseases, who they exploited by giving them trinkets for their animal skins and then these White Christians from the British Isles conquered the French, leaving their church in place and its ideology to keep the French down in place,  and then there were those immigrant waves from Europe and North Asia, and then much later South Asia and Africa, the Caribbean and then Central and  South America. These ugly small-hearted  White Christians from Great Britain looked down their noses at the East Europeans, gave them lots of land, but kept their opportunity to make money off the land as small as possible, opened the gates to the Chinese so they could turn them into virtual slave labourers, to work in agriculture and the railroads, closed the door in the late forties to a ship of Jews who looking for a place to find refuge from Adolf Hitler's ovens, discriminated against Blacks who managed  to run from slavery by taking the underground railroad all the way to Nova Scotia and in much more contemporary times brought in people from Caribbean countries like Jamaica and encouraged many of them to live in a part of Toronto where some were able to engage in predatory practices against the many, and the usual triangle of underclass behavior,  guns drugs and whores. 

Do I need to go further Singh? That's Contemporary Canadian Liberalism's view – The CBC view of Canada.  The Checkered view. They see Canada as the Story of Oppression. I see Canada as the Story of Opportunity. I totally understand where your letter is coming from. If you have been a victim of the oppressive Canadian Liberal establishment, been subjected to regular brain washing by their house organ, I totally get why you would feel alienated by my Dear Prime Minister letter and virtually everything else we do on this program.

I mean the CBC's perspective that all little Omar was doing was being David, firing his slingshot at the American Goliath and Amerikkka then tortured the boy into saying things that weren't true in order to spare his life, his life which was initially put in jeopardy by a man who was struggling with his identity, wanting to find a way to defeat the American Goliath and using some extreme methods to do so, a man by the way who was bailed out of a Pakistani jail by Jean Chretien, one of the Rooks on the Canadian Liberal chessboard. He rooked the Canadian taxpayers out of hundreds of thousands of dollars to give to the family of this misguided man who was just a victim of White Oppression.

Look, I have no trouble Mr Singh understanding why you would want to portray my listeners and yours truly as an old white bigot. That's your philosophical orientation. Now I don't want you to think that I haven't read your entire letter, because I have and I will be only too happy to read it again, now that I have commented on it and the audience can determine whether there is a lick of horse sense in here.

You start by writing, “Experience and common sense tells me that what people can ‘get away’ with saying usually has something of greater punch and teeth lying in their hearts.”

Getting away from who Mr Singh…is that code for at the moment I can speak my mind, but in your ideal version of a country, you would criminalize me…do you wish to criminalize my Dear Prime Minister letter? Do you wish to send me to jail Mr Singh? Since you’re so focused on the idea of my skin being white and the idea that the audience is too white, Do you think if you only allowed members of visible minorities to vote on your ideal Canada, do you think you could even get 10 percent of them to vote to put me in jail so that I could not speak my mind?  You say I have something of great punch and teeth lying in my heart? And, what would that be Mr Singh? Greater punch and teeth? Floss your own Teeth, Mr Singh. If you have a specific charge to make it, make it. We're grown-ups here.

You go on to say, “I am in no way inferring that you have beers with David Duke, but listening to your show and reading your "letters" would give me credence to lay a fairly large sized bet with Vegas that you would prefer your Canada all white, god-fearing, Queen-butt kissing, etc. At least afford me the respect that I am not too far off in that remark.” Mr Singh, I have afforded you lots of respect. I have not called you any names. I have told you that you are a victim of Liberal cultural malfeasance. You have fallen into the trap of believing that those of us who haven't been drinking the Kool-Aid are a bunch of David Dukes. Duke, the former Klansman who ran for Governor of Louisiana who appeared in my Toronto radio show on Martin Luther King Day. I scheduled him on that day for a reason. Contemporary liberals were aghast. They complained to the boss of the radio station at that time, telling him to silence his right wing shock jock which is how they referenced me. I invited them into the studio to listen to my interview with David Duke who became unglued on this Martin Luther King day, when I quoted liberally from Martin Luther King's speech and asked David Duke which parts were incorrect. His classic cool composure turned red hot as he became unraveled. He scampered off the radio stage like a cockroach that just had experienced the disinfectant of light. I said Goodbye Mr Duke and played Martin Luther King's I Have a Dream speech. I then asked members of the Liberal establishment of Toronto if they wished to participate in a discussion with me once the speech was concluded. They turned me down flat. They left the stage with tails tucked between their spindly little legs. After the speech I took call after call from Torontonians most of whom were of Jamaican heritage thanking me for the dismembering of Duke and the playing of I Have a Dream today.

Mr Singh, I have a dream today. I dream that you will listen to this show with the open-mind that I am sure you claim to have.

I'm not looking to check you or check mate you.

Our stated aim here is to Engage, Enlighten and Inspire.

I have a dream that someday you will not see my audience as a narrow-minded people who want to force Stephen Harper down your throat or Jesus Christ or any of the icons that you are taking cheap checker shots at. I know that you're a better man than how you come across in your attempt to bring a good man down. I forgive you for being a pawn of Liberalism. You're so surrounded by it. You're like a lobster in the pot, as Jacques Parizeau used to say. Just want to address one more thing, Mr Singh. Your name at the end of your email. Sunil Singh. And, you ask sarcastically what kind of Kanadian name is that???? You then put four question marks beside the word Canadian which you spell with a K. I am not foggy on why you are firing that little spit ball. I said in the tail of end of my Letter to the Prime Minister that the Khadrs had already taken too much from Canada, that this wasn't their country. It was our country and that Canada was spelled CANADA, not Khanada. There is no code in there, Mr Singh. I was crystal clear in saying that I felt the Khadrs had used us as an ATM for years and it had to stop – this country isn't their personal property. It belongs to everyone. The country is spelled CANADA, not KHANADA, means it's everyone's Canada not their personal fiefdom. Now Mr Singh, you can imply that I don't say what I mean and don't mean what I say. But it's a very thin blade of grass that you wish to stand on. As far as your name is concerned I see it as no less Canadian than MacDonald, or Cartier. Most Canadians don't judge other Canadians by names on birth certificates. You may have noticed my last name is not similar to any of the Fathers of Confederation. It's about your last name. It's about your character. It's about what you value.

One of the things I value about Democracy is dissent. I don't want to jail you for yours. I want to welcome you, as I have today and will again if you choose to come through the door. Thanks for your email, Mr Singh. Someday we may be able to meet somewhere, have a glass of beer and play a little chess. We're living in the greatest country in the world, Mr Singh. A toast. To the Queen. 

Dear Prime Minister

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By Charles Adler

I don't have to introduce myself to you. You know me as well as any of the citizens of Adler Nation. And you've read and heard my thoughts about the things that matter to me and why they matter. You would be the last person on earth to be surprised that I am disappointed in the extreme decision that you've made on Omar Khadr, someone who unfortunately was born in this country to a mom who has done nothing over the years but insult everything you and I both stand for. When Oh Canada is played at those hockey games we love to watch, our hearts pound like a drum and our blood runs hot. But as you know, the Maple Leaf that fuels our furnace gives hers an arctic chill. She is a Canadian by convenience.

She unwillingly abandoned her land for this land because her husband wanted to freeload from here in order to support their wretched cause, which is NUKE Western civilization as we know it, to plunge the world into the darkness of some tortured brutal version of an eastern religion so brutal that men are afraid to shave, women are afraid to show their faces, a place where there is no music, no dance, no trace of Judaeo Chistian values, no rule of law, not our kind of law that they are now using to blindfold us…The Khadrs fondest fantasy is a world which moves from Oh Canada to NO Canada. That was and still is remorselessly their Cause. The Khadrs took Baby Omar out of this country when he was just a baby, feeling nothing but contempt for our flag and our values. They joined up with the dark side in Afghanistan, befriended the Mass Murderer Bin Laden and his ilk. Their primary interest over there was not to help the people of Afghanistan who 152 Canadian Forces members have died for. Her family was there trying to kill as many of our allies as possible and don't kid yourself for one moment. The Khadrs would have been only too happy to kill as many Canadian soldiers as possible. None would have been spared, a bullet, a grenade or a knife. Poor, poor Omar who deprived one unarmed medic of his life and deprived another soldier of his eye, has complained to his government-paid lawyer that the Americans who revived his murderous body, deprived him of sleep. How much sleep has he deprived the widow of Sgt Speer and her kids? Many more hours of sleep. He deprived a husband and a father of his life. And now he counts on Canadians to get weepy for his story and sleepy while he raids our treasure in the name of the Rule of Law, a law their cause would happily blow up. Blowing things up is what pleasures them the most. And their fondest desire would be to blow us all up. Every time one of those road side explosives that Omar used to assemble blows up a Canadian soldier, a Canadian family grieves. But the Khadr family celebrates.

Prime Minister, I don't know because you've never shared with me whether you have tried to hold your nose and purchase this foul smelling dead rat of an argument that Omar was just a child victimized by his father, not really doing what he was doing because he wanted to, just a child soldier. The U-N says so and the Canadian Supreme Court has rubber stamped it so. I and millions of other Canadians say, “So what?” We don't need a bunch of hooligans on expense accounts at the United Nations or a small gathering of lawyered-up lawyers in Robes and Ermine to tell us the difference between a thug and a child, between a young man who is doing something not of his own volition and one like Khadr making and planting bombs enthusiastically.

We know what child soldiers are. We know about all those families in Africa where mothers are raped and fathers are torn from limb to limb, hacked to death and their little girls are murdered and their little boys are kidnapped, ripped out of the arms of their fathers and mothers and taken away to be turned into murderous monsters performing the same ugly deeds that their captors have performed. And we know that in many cases, governments represented by the United Nations not only condone but actively participate in helping this kind of activity. These same governments wish to judge us on how we treat Omar Khadr? Are we supposed to have our values informed by these barbarians? What does that make us? Groucho Marx once said I never want to belong to a club that would have me as a member. It's considered a classic laugh line. Prime Minister, there is nobody on this side of the microphone laughing at the idea that my prime minister is taking seriously the judgment of that club of bottom feeders which I would happily see dismembered. Writing cheques every year. They cash millions of dollars every year. Hard earned Canadian Tax Dollars. To some in this country that's the price of membership in the international community. On the Canadian streets I played road hockey on, when some of our dads had to pay protection money to protect their little businesses from being ripped off or burned down, we called it Extortion. We didn't respect the goons running the racket. But we understood the consequences. And now these goons who run the United Nations tell the greatest country on earth that we have a solemn moral duty to rehab Omar Khadr. We Canadians don't take our moral cues from an organization that buried its moral compass in the jungles of Rwanda, that shot up its moral compass in the mountains of Yugoslavia, that defecates daily on its moral compass in Darfur.

But it's not just the United Nations that tries to sell our citizens on the fairy tale of Poor Poor Omar Child Soldier. There's also that other high priestess of Morality. Heather Mallick, part of that same crowd that trashes you Prime Minister at every opportunity, the ones who like to say behind your back that you're just a front man for right wing rubes, people with little education, born again Christians, and Holocaust Deniers. Yes, her moral highness who highly approves of your decision to allow Omar Khadr back into this country wrote this in recent days about the trial:

The last time the name “Speer” and “war crimes” shared the same courtroom was in Nuremberg in 1946. Then it was Albert Speer on trial for being awfully good at running the Nazi war machine that killed tens of millions.

That's Heather Mallick, Prime Minister, exploiting the good name of a good man destroyed by Omar Khadr, exploited the good name of Sgt Christopher Speer, a victim of a war crime as a device to introduce the name of a War Criminal who was one of the Architects of the Nazi War Machine that killed tens of thousands of Canadian servicemen. You have visited some of their graves in France, Prime Minister. You have walked on those beaches in Northern France where good Canadian kids bled and died for Heather Mallick's right to introduce the name of a monstrous war criminal in order to diminish the death of a victim of a war crime, in order to compare our allies to the Nazis and to the Taliban and she is in favour of your decision Prime Minister. I am not trying to convict you of Guilt by Association. I am asking you as a Canadian citizen to please make decisions that have the ring of moral justice for the victims of Khadr and not his fan club. Prime Minister, I don't want to end this letter on a sour note, and not because I want to be kind. But because I don't want to be ungrateful for the many good things that you have done especially for our forces. So I want to attach to this letter another letter written to me a few weeks ago by a citizen of Adler Nation, Rob Cullen, a police officer in York Region.


Last night, while working in my usual role as a police platoon sergeant, we were called to a VSA . . . vital signs absent, in the basement apartment of a house just north of Keswick. 

The victim was 78 years old. A retired firefighter, he had served from 1959 to 1989 with the North York Fire Department. It no longer exists, having been enveloped by the Toronto Fire Department. The victim had succumbed to a heart attack. 

His small basement apartment was very tidy. Upon the walls were tons of framed photos. Pieces of history from 1940s and ’50s baseball, hockey, entertainers, and horse racing. Certificates of gratitude from the North York Fire Department, the City of Toronto, and the pigeon racing club he belonged to after he retired. He had a very organized collection of 78 rpm records from the ’30s, ’40s and ’50s. Tommy Dorsey, Duke Ellington, Ella, Fats Waller . . . and he had the turntables to play them. The last album he played was Frank Sinatra. 

He was very well read. Books of history lined his bookshelves, with an emphasis on Ontario and especially Toronto history. His specialty was the Avro Arrow . . . the huge limited framed edition print on his bedroom wall reflected his interest. Maybe sometime, somewhere, he saw the world’s greatest plane fly. He was a huge supporter of our troops. An article from the Toronto Sun about the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion sat on his desk. Pictures of cops and firefighters were found here and there.  

But as we found out, he had no next-of-kin. As the sergeant, it was my job to notify them. I had no one to visit, no one to see. No nieces or nephews, no sons or daughters. He was truly alone. 

Satisfied with what I had seen, I left the detectives and constable on scene to await the coroner, and have the body removed to its final rest. As I walked down the driveway, the constable followed me out and said, “Hey Sarge, wait up! Can I ask you something?” 

“Sure. Whatdya need?”  

“Sarge, they’re gonna carry this guy out in a plastic bag. All the neighbours are watching. He was a firefighter for 30 years. Sarge he’s got no one . . . we can’t let him go like that. Can you find us a Canadian flag, so that when they take him out of the house, we can lay it on the gurney when they roll him to the hearse?”

7:30 on a Tuesday night. Where to find a flag? . . . Yup, the Dollar Store. The only thing open and, sure enough, they had one. Contrary to popular opinion, not everything at the dollar store costs one dollar. At this point, the cost was not really an issue. I bought the flag, and took it back to the scene.

The coroner released the body, and firefighter Robert Wilson was brought up from his apartment. Before he left the door, the flag was draped in its full glory across him, to honour the life of a man who was willing to give it at any time. For the 50 feet it took to take him to the removal vehicle, the neighbours watched in silent respect. The people from the funeral home tucked the flag secure and removed it with him. I expect it will be buried with him, too.  

For a short time, the time it takes to walk a body 50 feet, he wasn’t alone. He was a firefighter, a hero. He was a Canadian. All it took was a flag to show it.

Maybe it’s time we find our heroes before their only honour comes from a dollar store.

Signed Rob Cullen


Prime Minister, I don't think you need Sgt Cullen to help you find your moral compass on the Khadr Decision. When it comes to Canadian values you don't need him or me to tell you that we are good country. But I just wanted to remind you on behalf of so many Canadians who contact me that We are a Firefighter Wilson country not an Omar Khadr country. Robert Wilson never sued the Canadian government for the service he provided lovingly and honourably. Omar Khadr is suing us for 10 million dollars and that's just the opening number.  We should be trying him for treason, but he is playing us for chumps. Prime Minister, I ask you to put a torch to take Firefighter Wilson's hose and douse that Child Soldier fantasy and instead focus on Child Canadians, real Canadians who want to grow up in a land where they too can look at the same flag that drapes the boxes of our heroes and have the same feelings. The so-called Rule of Law in this country should never have become for the Khadrs what a fire hydrant is for dogs. And this country should never be used as an ATM for murderers and thieves. I don't claim to love this country any more than you do Prime Minister. But I am asking you for the love of Mike, on behalf of the Rob Cullens and the Firefighter Wilsons and so many others who have made so many sacrifices for this country, to please reverse your decision to open up our borders and our wallets one more time to the Khadr Family. Our beloved Canada, Prime Minister, is spelled C-A-N-A-D-A, not K-H-A-N-A-D-A.  It's not their country Prime Minister. They've already taken too much.

Thank you for reading this Prime Minister. God Bless you, Laureen and your children, and God Bless Canada.

Omar Khar was no Child and He certainly was No Soldier

by Charles Adler

You will Forever be a Murderer in My Eyes…the words of the young widow Tabitha Speer in court to Omar Khadr…Tabitha Speer was married to the young American Male Medic who was unarmed, when Omar Khadr tried to kill as many of his enemies as possible, as many of our allies as possible, when he killed her husband Christopher Speer, leaving behind a wife and two children…The widow said at Guantanamo, looking straight at the killer, I've heard over and over how he's the victim, he's the child…He made a choice, My children had no choice…They didn't deserve to have their farther taken by someone unworthy like you.

The Jury is now in. A forty year sentence for Khadr, for all the crimes he confessed to, including Murder, Attempted Murder, and Conspiracy to Murder. He isn't going to do forty years. Sentence was reduced to eight and he might do some of the time in Canada. That's still murky. Here's what isn't murky. Tabitha the young widow is not happy with how the legal system tried to…how the media system purchased the fairy tale that this murderer was a child. She is likely on the very same page as a house hold name around the world who yesterday called the media corrupt bastards, for obviously favouring one side over the other in a political contest. I never used the term Corrupt bastards about the media campaigning for the unelected coalition government scam that Gilles Duceppe, Jack Layton and Stephane Dion were hatching in Canada, the one that came with a document that the Three Stooges had signed and an accompanying document that contained the weak little signature of Michael Ignatieff at the bottom of the document, a signature so tepid that it was crystal clear that the Harvard scholar knew that this document, this idea to seize the government without an election and make Dion the Prime Minister with his hand being held by Jack Layton, possibly Finance Minister Layton…and with Prime Minister Dion having a metaphorical pistol held to his temple by Gilles Duceppe leader of the Bloc, the Let's kill Canada block. And much of the media, CBC, Toronto Star, the usual suspects were cheerleading the Attempted Coup and while I didn't call them corrupt bastards for doing it, I could have, not only because they were so favouring something the people who matter most, the Canadian people didn't want, but because of why they were favoring it.

It wasn't about who they were for…It was who they were against…The Conservatives…Too White, Too Male, Too Straight, Too Western. In the case of Omar Khadr, some people make the mistake of thinking that the Media is in love with Khadr. Not a chance. No member of the media I can think of would want to marry him or have him marry their sister. I know there's a professor in Edmonton who has been corresponding with him over the years according to the court documents. I'm sure it's a purely intellectual fetish that she is harboring. Sure that she feels that he has been wronged and she wants to correct him. He told the story in court that he wants to go to school in Edmonton and become a lawyer. They have one of Canada's best law schools in Edmonton. Don't know if the University of Alberta Law school wants to some day accept Khadr and help to fulfill his Canadian dream. Don't know if the parents from across the country would want their young people attending classes with Khadr or as he is known on my website Poor Poor Omar.

I think it would be a mistake to believe that the media in this country that has adopted him were motivated by his ideology or his legal claim or his lineage or his delightful mother who at some point regretted that another one of her sons didn't die in battle in Afghanistan because that would have made him a martyr, a martyr for the same cause that has taken more than 150 members of the Canadian Forces.

And by the way there is a wonderful song that has been recorded on the banks of that great glacier fed North Saskatchewan River in the same city that Omar wants to live in? The song is in support of Canadian military families, the ones Omar was bent on destroying. It was recorded by 28 Canadian artists including Dean Brody, Terri Clark, Beverley Mahood and Ridley Bent. It is called Standing Strong and True. The video is being sold as of this week just ahead of Remembrance Day Week….You can get all the info on it on We Salute Our Heroes.CA….proud to say that CMT a member of our Corus Entertainment family played a huge role in making this video.

I dedicate it to Canadian Corporal Brian Pinksen, who died Aug 30, the 152nd soldier to die as a result of injuries sustained in Afghanistan. He was a Reserve soldier, a member of the Corner Brook-based 2nd Battalion, The Royal Newfoundland Regiment. I dedicate that reading to him and the 151 who died in Canadian Uniforms and to Sgt Christopher Speer, the Special Foces medic killed by Omar Khadr…the man he killed and the men and women I have dedicated that reading to were real soldiers. Omar Khadr the so-called Child Soldier was no child. That's legal and media fiction. But most important he was no Soldier. He was a killer who unlike the man he killed and unlike the people we are remembering, Omar Khadr enjoyed killing. He has testified to it. After being revived by another special forces soldier who could have, but didn't let him bleed out and die, he was being held at a base in Afghanistan and naturally he wasn't happy about being captured. But he said that what kept his spirits up was the knowledge that he had murdered a real soldier. Omar Khadr was no child. And He was no soldier. And if some morally corrupt bastards want to continue to propagate the lie that he was – they can do that in this free country. But you have every right and even duty to talk back. Always remember they aren't venerating Omar because of what he did. It's because of who he did it too. Russell Williams also enjoyed killing. He is not being venerated by media because he enjoyed torturing and killing Canadian women. Pickton and Bernardo are not being venerated by the corrupt bastards because he too targeted Canadian women. But poor poor Omar the one who enjoyed killing. He targeted a White American male. For the corrupt bastards it's been open season on that target for years now. When it comes to media bias. It's not who they're for. It's who they're against. Those who in Toronto, in media, those who wrapped their arms around George Smitherman weren't in love with him. They hated his political enemy Rob Ford. He wasn't urban or urbane. He wasn't liberal. In the case of the Attempted Coup by the Coalition of Dion, Duceppe and Layton…Many of the media supported it not because of their love of Dion who they mocked constantly and Dion would have been the prime beneficiary. The man could never get elected Prime Minister and had already announced that he was leaving. This was his only shot. The media supported the Coup because of who it was overthrowing, Harper. Had the shoe been on the other foot. Had Harper's party gotten fewer votes than the Liberals. Had Harper tried to muscle in with a phony coalition, the media would have put the boots to him. No lessons on the constitution and how wonderful this idea was, how superior it was…How European it was.  You can take this to the bank. The Corrupt bastards don't have any real loyalty to their helping. It's about who they're opposing. If you forget everything you have heard me say for the last few minutes just remember this:

Omar Khadr was No Child and He certainly was no soldier.




Is this emailer on the money or out of her mind?


Hi Charles,

Just listening to your conversation on whether or not we should tax soft drinks to curb obesity. I definitely don’t think this is the right approach. People will pay the extra 5 cents for their sugary fix.

So I think I’ve come up with a better idea.

One of these “expert panelists” singled out tobacco as an example of how higher taxes have helped curb smoking rates.

Yes, I think the fact that the government super-taxed cigarettes led SOME people to quit, but I think a lot more people quit because it became impossible to smoke in bars and restaurants.

My mom actually quit smoking because she felt like such a loser standing outside in the cold puffing away on her cigarette.

So why don’t we just ban junk food in bars and restaurants?

Yes, I understand smoking was banned because of second-hand smoke…but what about second-hand munchies?

If the table next to you is chomping away on nachos and wings, you’re probably going to order the same.

So if we really want to curb obesity – ban it in bars and restaurants.

If you want a cheeseburger – go outside.

Maybe more people will quit pigging out once they start feeling like losers.



Poor Omar

It's hard for me to feel sorry for this guy. Canada has spent way, way too much on him and his whole family. I'm sure 8 years in Gitmo hasn’t turned him around.    

These are NOT very pleasant pictures, but…

Notice the pair of hands he is carrying that have been chopped off a living person.

Poor Omar Khadr?

Omar smiling 

The next time you watch the news and are treated to how poor Omar Khadr was just a child in Afghanistan, held against his will, forced to do the terrorists bidding then "tortured" at Guantanamo…


Remember the pictures the bleeding hearts in the media won’t show you…

Young omar 

Notice the AK47 behind him.

Omar making bomb 

Young Omar happily and intently arming land mines.

Remember this — those who want him saved and brought back to Canada !!!!








Omar with hands 

Our poor Omar taking trophies home.

And remember the victim and reason why there is a trial.

Sgt Christopher James Speer.


A medic who was helping care for the injured on the battlefield.


Very little is ever said about him. Pray for his wife, Tabitha, who will be attending Khadr’s trial.