CJOB -Rapid Transit Votes at City Council

Rapid Transit Votes at City Council

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Keith McCullough May 27, 2014 04:51 am

The future of rapid transit in Winnipeg is up for debate this morning at Winnipeg city council, with a pair of key votes planned.

There are two motions on the council floor today that could toss plans for construction of phase two of the bus rapid transit corridor to the University of Manitoba in real doubt

The first comes from North Kildonan Councillor Jeff Browaty. He’s calling for a taxpayer referendum on election day, October 22nd. The results of that referendum will still be non-binding. It’s not believed his motion will get much support.

The other motion comes from Finance Chair Russ Wyatt and mayoral candidate Paula Havixbeck – they want the city to kill the bus plan and switch immediately to light rail. They say it’s the better option for a growing city and want a light rail transit system to connect east Winnipeg with downtown, through to the U of M. A rail system would cost far more money.

Mayor Sam Katz has repeatedly said the extension of the bus corridor to U of M will go ahead – eventually. A new city hall report says it wouldn’t be open before the year 2020, at a cost of $590 million dollars for the corridor extension and a new underpass at Pembina and Jubilee.