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Manitoba At-Risk to Lose Small Business

Winnipeg, MB, Canada / 680 CJOB – Winnipeg’s News & Information Leader
Ryan Kessler
February 19, 2014 06:41 am

The Manitoba Government and Premier Greg Selinger rank dead last in creating a small business-friendly climate, according to a recent survey.

The survey conducted by the Canadian Federation of Independant Business shows only eight percent of Manitoba small business owners were confident in the support they receive from the provincial government.

“In the last number of years, the policies of this government have not been working to build small business confidence,” says Elliott Simms, CFIB’s Manitoba director of provincial affairs. “We need to start a constructive dialogue with Premier Selinger and his government.”

However, Selinger says it’s not all bad news for small business owners.

“When you have the lowest unemployment rate, a growing population and some of the best car sales and housing sales, you’ve got a good story and we have to build on it,” Selinger says.

The premier did agree with the CFIB’s call for less red tape in government and more support for entrepreneurs.

Saskatchewan received a 72 percent vote of confidence from entrepreneurs — the best in all of Canada.

Simms says that poses a risk for Manitoba to lose work elsewhere. Seventy-four percent of Manitoba respondents say they wouldn’t recommend starting a new business in Manitoba.