Our values, Our traditions, Our Country

Jason Kenney believes we live in a Canada where people who declare their loyalty to Canada when taking their Citizenship Oaths should do so with FACES uncovered- should do so openly. No veils.

Having been born in Europe, I have been a Naturalized Canadian since the 60′s. I was only 7 years old when I became a Canadian. My parents swore my loyalty in my behalf. Some day I hope to it again on my own, even though it would be only ceremonial for me, because I am as Canadian as a Hockey Puck. But I cannot imagine participating in a citizenship ceremony without having the Canadian judge and the newly minted Canadians being able to SEE my face and to see on my face my deep appreciation for all that this country is about. This country is NOT about people hiding who they are. We not hiders. We not subservient. We are not serfs or slaves. We do Not subordinate our freedom to any human being. Those of us who are of faith, submit only to a higher power, which most of us call God.

Thank you Minister Kenney, for standing up for our values, our traditions and our Country. – CA

Jason Kenney Defends Niqab Ban at Citizenship Ceremonies – Huff Post Canada

Judy: Bowman “Playing Games”, Irresponsible With Severance Stance

Winnipeg Mayoral Election – Judy Wasylycia-Leis calls her opponent irresponsible for pledging to get rid of severance cheques for politicians who aren’t being severed. What’s irresponsible about saying people who choose to leave political office should not ask taxpayers to give them bonuses for doing so? Let’s tell the truth. It’s not severance. It’s legal looting. What’s irresponsible about calling for an end to it? Please read the report by clicking on the link below and let me know what you think.

Judy: Bowman “Playing Games”, Irresponsible With Severance Stance – CJOB STORY

The Importance of Science, Reading, Math & Phys Ed

Over the last couple of weeks, few local talk subjects have grabbed my brain like the one about education and the question about why Manitoba Grade 8′s tested so poorly in Science, Math and Reading. Truth is compared to the rest of the world, Canadians as a whole don’t test nearly as well as they used to. It’s too easy to say many other countries have advanced. So don’t worry be happy. Of all the communications I have received, none was more stunning to me than the teacher whose specialty is phys ed. Not only was he distressed about phys ed being eliminated in so many high schools, even when he taught PE, there was very little physical activity being done in the class. These are his words.

“I received a physical education curriculum that, if followed correctly would have the students sit for three quarters of the class while I would impart the information presented in the curriculum. This at a time when children’s fitness levels are at a dangerously low levels. I had to alter the curriculum and make significant changes to address the inherent lack of physical activity reflected in this document.

It is about time when teachers can “be real” and express the real problems with our educational system without any fear of backlash or negative repercussions.

Charles I would suggest that you invite teachers to your program that can speak freely and candidly about, in their opinion, are the real but often hidden factors troubling our educational system. In their words real talk and not political jargon that at the end says and contributes nothing but vague and useless information!”

If you are a teacher or retired teacher, I wonder how much of this speaks to your experience. If you’re a student or former student, do you think the teacher is on to something. 1) Not enough phys ed. 2) Not enough physical activity in phys ed. 3) Not enough real talk inside or outside the classroom. 4) Too much jargon.Too little substance.

What do you think?