Let’s get real – when Brian Mulroney strokes the United Nations, it makes me want to retch

When Brian Mulroney strokes the UN it makes me want to retch. The UN is a club of dictators. He calls it the Big Leagues. It’s a big league of entitled despots. Many of them have natural resources that multinationals naturally want. They have terrible environmental and labour standards the kind Mulroney would never publicly support for this country. Stephen Harper is correct not to suck up to this crowd.

Like any free person, I am sometimes critical of our PM. I’m not crazy about how he has been dealing with veterans or the distractions created around the Supreme Court. Picking fights with the wrong people undermines what matters most, creating the best possible conditions for economic and social progress. But on issues like standing against Hamas and ISIS and Putin and not kissing up to the UN, I give a huge thumbs up to Stephen Harper.

As you well know Brian Mulroney will always blame Preston for the demise of his conservative party. He is likely angrier with Preston than he is with Lucien Bouchard. The conservative party base was the West and Preston Manning and Reform challenged the Conservative Party to become a less centralized, and more democratic party. Reform also challenged the power brokers in Central Canada to decentralize the federation. Triple E was part of that. The federation through increased provincial powers has indeed been decentralized. No matter what happens in Ottawa, Alberta is not as vulnerable to Federal power as it once was. And because Alberta is where jobs are being created every hour, unlike Mulroney’s neck of the woods, it’s not very likely that anybody will try to stiff arm the west the way Trudeau did with the National Energy Policy and the way Mulroney did when he mugged Manitoba in the decision to award the CF-18 to a Montreal company instead of the better bid in Winnipeg.

Memories die hard. And so much of the motivation for the criticism that Harper is getting is about Mulroney never forgiving Harper’s mentor Preston for declaring that the Emperor had no clothes. It was brazen and ballsy and necessary. I hope that some day there will be another Westerner who has the courage to publicly see what he sees.

Political Correctness is the naked emperor of our times. I dream of a day where a Westerner brings it to its knees and allows all of us to stand tall for a strong Canada where our number one sensitivity is not to our hyphens, but to our values. I value honesty, hard work, and personal responsibility. I do not value spin, laziness, and excuses.


No Homework?

First week of school and a new social experiment banning homework in the earlier grades.
And in case anyone is wondering what I think, I think anyone in “Education” who opposes homework should find a much different line of work. Homework is about preparation.
If you’re not prepared you’re not anyone I will ever take seriously. I owe it to you to tell you what I think. But please feel free to disagree. How are you grading this move?