A Force for Good in the World

In light of yesterday’s vote on Parliament Hill on a resolution to support a Canadian mission against ISIS, let’s be clear about what we know and what we believe about the people who have served our country in a Canadian Military Uniform.

Anyone with an appreciation for Canadian Military History knows we do not ignore our allies. We inspire them. We do not fear evil. We conquer evil.

Thank you Prime Minister Harper for ensuring that Canada remains a Force for Good in this world.


University Rankings

Times Higher Education released rankings of universities from around the world yet post-secondary institutions in Canada are slipping. Charles drills down the numbers with Nello Angerilli, senior executive at the University of Waterloo, who says Canadian universities aren’t getting any worse but many schools overseas are improving.

Tasha Kheriddin asks: Canada’s booming. So why is Harper unpopular?

Tasha Kheriddin is a conservative. But like the other Conservative writers I respect, she doesn’t shrink from telling fellow conservatives the truth about their standing in the country. East of Manitoba, Harper Conservative numbers are in the toilet. Kheriddin writes a thoughtful piece about why Harper is unpopular despite Canada’s many successes of late. And she stays away for the tedious shoot the media messenger stuff that activists are always feasting.
She focuses much more on the Conservative Party language and how people east of Manitoba respond to it much differently than they do in the west. Best of all she encourages Conservatives to dump the “Circle the Wagons. We’re victims of the elites. Send Money” strategy that is still the bread of and butter of the Conservative fund raising. If you are a conservative voter, Kheriddin is not tell you what you want to hear. But she is telling you what you need to hear. She’s not a cheerleader. She’s a thinker.