McGuinty’s Elliot Lake Mistake

All informed Canadians by now know that there was a disaster in the small mining town of Elliot Lake, Ontario. A roof collapsed at a shopping mall and many were trapped, we still don’t really know how many. We know of 2 deaths. Early in the week when confusion reigned supreme, there were reports of several missing and we didn’t know how many were trapped in the rubble. And we don’t really know why the search for the trapped was called off after two days, except we do know that some lower level government officials in the Labour Ministry had something to do with it. Although they say that they were not really issuing orders and that whatever they were issuing was misinterpreted.

And by the way at this point if you tuned in thirty seconds late, you must think we are talking Haiti or Burma or a handfull of other places in what we used to call the third world, where third rate people govern and the population is treated as third class, and whatever you do hear from those in governance isn’t worth three cents on free market of credible information. But this isn’t Haiti or Burma. This is Canada. Elliot Lake may not be Toronto or Vancouver or Montreal. But the people in that Northern Canadian Town have every right to be treated first class by first rate search and rescue officials that Canada has in abundance in both our civilian and military services.

So when the rescue efforts were called off after only two days, even though the sounds of tapping had been picked up and it wasn’t coming from a dvd of a Fred Astaire movie, the population of Elliot Lake, Canada and the Rest of Canada became outraged. Somebody two days after the fact in the premier’s office let the premier know that as the CEO of the Government of Ontario he had the authority to reinstate the search and he did. Dalton McGuinty didn’t want to go to Elliot Lake before the search and was forced to go after the search was called off and there was egg all over his face. Politicians don’t like going to places where they know the reception will be less than jubilant. There is no jubilation tonight in Elliot Lake and there shouldn’t be. McGuinty said this week after acknowledging that there has been confusion throughout the process, he said and I quote, “There will be a Time for Questions to be asked about what when and how and why not.” That time is tonight Premier.

When were you told that Elliot Lake was a disaster area and needed your immediate attention?

Were you told hours after it happened when the Mayor declared it?

That’s when all of us paying attention. That’s when we knew. Were you paying attention?

How do you get your information? Pony Express? And why did you only get engaged after the entire country became alarmed because we are not a nation of quitters and you’ve embarrased us in front of the world. And we don’t leave our wounded on the battle field and you’ve embarrassed us in front of the whole world. But beyond the embarrassment Premier -much more important than that are the people still looking, still searching for members of their family. If it were members of your family that were trapped in there would it have taken two days to get the sleep out of your eyes? We will hear all sorts of lame excuses for why the search was called off. But what’s the excuse you have for the need to search for the CEO of Ontario days after a disaster has happened. The truth is when you’re a leader you treat those citizens like they are members of your family even if they did the unmitigated gaul not to vote for your team during the last election. Did Politics trump the need to rescue human life? Do people have to pay with their lives for not having voted Liberal in the last election? As of tonight we need to change the moniker of the man who fails to govern Canada’s largest province. As of tonight the man who abandoned ship, is no Longer Premier Dead. As of tonight he is Premier Deadbeat Dad. It’s one thing to have to search for people in rubble. But one shouldn’t need to have to search for Daddy, when the kids are missing. Today Dalton McGuinty is searching for his soul. It will be said some day that he lost it in June of 2012 at the bottom of Elliot Lake.