4 thoughts on “Paul Harvey – So God Made A Farmer

  1. Thank you for playing Paul Harvey. It has been 7 years today since my dad passed away. He was a farmer Paul Harvey description of a farmer was my dad to a tea. My whole family are farmers and are proud of it. I enjoy your show all the time since your were in Calgary.Seirra sil has allowed me to keep farming so I have 2 things to thank you for. Have a great day.

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    NormansCorner@ on

    Several years ago, I used to listen to Paul Harvey on CHQT-AM (which was predecessor to iNews880-AM which the Charles Adler program now comes on). The program was “The Rest of the Story” and Paul Harvey’s stories were absoluty fantaztic!!! I first heard Paul Harvey giving the news on the radio in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, during January, 1954, and found him so different but very interesting from any broadcaster I had ever listened to in either Canada or the USA. He is sadly missed. – Norman J. Chrestenson. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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    Alice Neilson on

    is there any way I could receive a written copy of “Why God Made Farmers”. I am the third generation of five generations of farmers but would like to give it to my Dad who is not computer literate. Thank you and I enjoy your show

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