Petition for Tori’s Law

We, the undersigned, believe that when there is irrefutable evidence that a child was murdered with forethought, the murderer should lose their right to live within our society and should be put to death.
Canadians strongly oppose the continued support of these individuals.

We want this to be called Tori's Law.

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11 thoughts on “Petition for Tori’s Law

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    Catherine Richards on

    To Charles Adler:
    Last Friday afternoon and on your Sunnews on Friday night, you gave out an e-mail addres for the Primse Minister Harper. Unfortunately that told me that the address you gave out is not an internet e-mail address. Therefore, I could not e-mail re my support for the law to be changed re garding Torri’s

  1. I believe that killing these beasts is too good for them!I would like to see them incarcerated in a heavy work for food style jail. Do you not manage to reach a quota, then you don’t eat. This will make the jail a profit making entity (no cost to society) and the convicts get to suffer a little of what the victims have suffered. This way too they can say goodbye to their own lives in a painful and slow way… it is also within the realms of the human rights do gooders

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    Ian Tuck on

    We not only need the death penalty to come back, especially for such cases as Tori, but the penalty needs to be expedited. Sitting for 7 to 20 years appealing some aspect of the ruling is unfair to the families of the murdered victim. If found guilty, put them to death, same day works for me.

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    Brian Madill on

    Good luck Charles, although I’m thinking it has no chance. Even the new law C-10 is only asking for a minimum 1 year sentence for child molesters. How can you think they will go from that to the death penalty. The liberals built the coffin ( pardon the pun )for the death penalty and Brian Mulroney drove the last spike. Harper will cave to the left as all the gutless wonders do. It ain’t coming back although I sure wish it would.

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    Chris Miller on

    Murderers support the death penalty even if many law-abiding citizens do not. They proved they support it by having carried it out on someone they thought meriting death! Since they support it, let us apply it to them, even if we feel queasy about it. Give them what they want!

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    david henman on

    …killing in the name of a child. can conservatives get any more ridiculous? you betchum, red rider. stay tooned…next self-righteous outrage bandwagon boarding shortly…

  2. Rafferty and his accomplice should be put in a public square and stoned to death. Where is our government. This country has become so soft on crime it’s scary. I applaud Mr. Stafford for standing tall and speaking out against such atrocities. When are we as Canadians going to stop being so complacent. I am tired of all the crime in this country, bring back the death penalty. Why do Canadians tax payers have to pay to feed monsters like this?

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    dwighte vandenoetelaar on

    both my wife and i can not wonder how many more lives have to be takin by roothless killers especially children a life is a life why treat the killers like famous people . they are not famous every i=time a murder happens how would they feel is the role was reversed how many times must a person beg for his or her life other countrys you kill you pay not to-morrow but today . we are firm beleavers a eye for a eye and so on these persons are riding on our tailcoats ,its time,
    the van den oetelaars,alberta

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