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    Spencer Schell on

    Charles Adler interviewed Stephen Harper on election day and in effect gave Harper a free political ad . Harper aired his Conservative views and basically warned the electorate about the perils, as he sees them ,of another minority Conservative government. Harper insisted upon his need for a majority.
    Has Adler contravened CRTC policy by giving free election advertising on election day ?

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    D LaRouche on

    Adler is Canada’s version of the Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, Limbaugh types in the US. His rants are biased and shameless. I’m sure he drooled at the chance of getting his “righty” buddy the PM on the air for a last push.
    Adler only sees the world through his eyes and what is good for him and people like him. He is a dangerous journalist whose commentaries are way out of line sometimes. Pushing the PM on air was out of line but why expect anything different. He is desperate to get his political views pushed through.

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    r wyryha on

    is this not a free country were we have freedom of speech.charles can have what ever opion he likes.as well you mr schell and mr larouche have the same right.but it confuses me to no end why you idiots listen and then feel the need to comment.turn the radio to another Chanel.not sure if you to where born stupid or just hard at it all you life but your village called and your late for diner

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    Rick Smithson on

    “Has Adler contravened CRTC policy by giving free election advertising on election day ?”
    This now proves Canada doesn’t even have “fair” voting.
    But the biggest “RIGHT-WING” Windbags in Canada, isn’t just Charles Adler, it’s the CRTC for allowing Charles Adler to “illegally” influence Canadian Voters during Federal Election Day, May 2nd, 2011.
    The CRTC (and Sun Media) should be disbanned immediately.
    Adler himself, is just an obsesive compulsive Manic Depressed individual. So, it’s really not his fault that he has these disabilities.

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    Rick Smithson on

    “Has Adler contravened CRTC policy by giving free election advertising on election day ?”
    YES !
    now moderate that Charles.

  1. I tried to tune in Charles Adler today and found that Sun TV has shut down its broadcast in the West. Couldn’t wait for the polls to close here, couldn’t even bother airing a rerun.

  2. I have listened to Charles Adler for years, and I have to say the last thing you can do is suggest that he is a hard core right of center kind of guy. He holds the conservatives to the fire as much as the Liberals and the NDP. Adler looks at things from a common sense point of view. I know this because in the past I have thought of Charles as a left wing supporter.
    Mr. Adler thanks for all you do, when I listen and disagree with your point of view I pause and take time to reconsider my own.

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    Alan McDonald on

    Best of all outcomes: 1) Conservative Majority 2) “National” separtist party smashed 3) Coalition scenario evaporates.
    4) Voters now have a clear left / right choice.
    Question: Why, when CTV annouced a definate Conservative majority at 9:35 MST, did it take almost two hours for CBC to announce the same result? Clue: the funeral atmosphere at the CBC studio.

  3. Just to remind everyone..61% of Canadians did not vote for Harper..which means that after all these years in power a majority of Canadians do not want him as our PM. So it is stilla minority govt. although the PM would like us to think otherwise!

  4. Also to remind all those that feel the “right” only looks at things one way…. We all do that. Whether we are left, right or somewhere in between, there is not one of us that can truly say that their thinking, ideas, political leanings or even religious views are completely open. We have all filtered our views through a bunch of years of experiences and, most importantly, how we were raised. So, don’t tar and feather all conservatives with one brush without turning around and applying some of that same muck to yourselves.

  5. Well, as for the comments above, I am all for the disbanding of the CRTC, but if this happened I’m not sure the people who suggested this would have an outcome of this action that they would find desirable.
    Isn’t all radio just someones opinion? If Adler (or Uncle Chuck as we like to refer to him here on the prairies) is not to be aired because he expresses a “right” of centre opinion, whatever should we do with the CBC. Not only do I, like the angry posters above, have the right to switch the channel if I want, I also have the right NOT to pay for his show, unlike the CBC.

  6. Where are these “39% is not majority” cry babies when Liberal in control???
    Everyone is free to vote. Those who did not vote are clearly put their vote as
    1. don’t care!
    2. just take whoever win.
    Come on! Be mature!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Where was all the moral indignation when a real hoodlem by the name of Chretien was running the country with a similar margin of support. It was okay then because he wasn’t a conservative. And you proportional rep boo hoo’s, if your left wing leaders had a 39%/165 seat majority, this would be the furthest thing from your nasty small minds! Give it up! Don’t embarase yourselves any further.

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    david henman on

    ‎…canadians gave harper a majority because he has proven himself to be a strong leader. i don’t believe for a minute that canadians endorse everything he does or tries to do, but i think most of us sense that strong leadership is crucial. had either ignatieff or layton demonstrated strong leadership, the outcome may have been far different. and layton now has at least four years to show canadians what he is made of. my hope is that stephen harper will not give in to right wing hate, which has migrated from the lunatic fringe right into the heart of mainstream thinking. i predict that right wing media, and right wing voters, will spend the next four years mocking and ridiculing canadian liberal values. values like hope, compassion, understanding, tolerance, human rights, equality, concern for the less fortunate and, especially, concern for the environment. why stop now?

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    Christina on

    60% of Canadians DID NOT vote for Harper. Mr. Harper pay attention to the people! I personally DID NOT vote for Mr. Harper because I DO NOT TRUST HIM, especially now with a majority government, I am actually scared of what he will do!! The people have spoken and the majority, DO NOT APPROVE OF YOU!!

  8. Comment from the wealthiest constituency of Canada, Ft. McMurray-Athabasca. Perhaps Heather Malec should learn how to spell “jam” before she spouts “marmalade” from a tainted perspective!!!!

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    J.Gary Pelerine on

    “MERRY X-MAS” Chuck!! You finally got your wish, WAHOO! Just remember tough,sometimes what we wish for, “ain’t” all it’s cracked up to be?? It was a NO-Brainer, to give Harper his magority, if nothing else to give him a fair shot at driving the bus? But. Chuck, please do me and apparently alot of others,a”BIG” favor, lay off Jack, he also got an early x-mas gift, so in fairness, Charles, Give Jack a chance to be an effective OP leader, Gary

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    John Fretwell on

    In a way I am glad the Conservatives won
    “I say in a way”
    We have wasted time in the past few years with wasted
    government inactions nothing really accomplished. We can
    now watch as this new government screws up Canada.
    Now here’s the good part after four year’s CAPTAIN
    CANADA (Liberals), like they have in the past to the
    rescue because the Conservatives will try to put the
    Reform’s ideas in motion, Ontario will be shut out
    because the West wants in. Quebec will really be
    screwed too,
    What Will change?
    1. Health system?
    2. Military?
    3. Budget?
    4. Social security?
    5. Criminal Justice?
    6. Senate
    7. Parliament? “I hope Harper’s not President”
    I might not be alive in Four years but I will leave
    this message to be left out there and on peoples
    File under “FUTURE four years”.
    Then if I am still alive it will be, “I told you so”

  9. Congratulations Prime Minister Harper on a Majority Government.
    Now the opposition can’t force an election when their coffers have run low.
    Now, Jack Layton has a new power base. Quebec is the new driving force of the NDP party. NDP policies are largely the same as the Bloqs’. These policies will not be accepted by the rest of Canada making the NDP impotent with respect to Quebec. In 4 – 5 years when we are at the polls again, Quebecors will have realized that the NDP cannot implement soveriegnty or soveriegnty association.
    I suspect that for the next election, the Bloq will be back in force in Quebec and many more Canadians will have realized that the best chance for Canadian unity is a balanced, fair approach for prosperity from the East Coast to the West Coast. Only the Conservative Party has not pitted East against West.

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    David O'Toole on

    Truly sad.
    Now that the dust has settled from the recent federal election, I found it time to reflect on the key issues that decided the outcome.
    As an average Canadian citizen I hoped that my vote had an influence on the country’s policies on health care, foreign policy (Afghanistan), free trade, unemployment, poverty, justice reform etc.
    However, while watching the election results on TV, one news story caught me completely off guard and left me seriously concerned.
    Apparently, a riding in Montreal with a large Jewish community voted for the Conservatives because of Stephen Harper’s support for Israel.
    It seems to me that these voters threw away their vote based on their bias towards a homeland far away.
    My ethnic background is Irish but I am a Canadian citizen. At election time should I toss a coin?

  10. Adler, if you are so concise, if your so cutting of the b.s. then why do you pander and cater to use obscure stupid terms like “deather”??
    People who doubt the story of Osama are “deathers”. People who celebrated death and hate in the streets over Osama, are not “deathers”??? Because that’s what it was, twisted.

  11. Remember, anyone can be a terrorist if you simply keep saying the word “mastermind”, over and over.

  12. Charles
    What happened to you? You used to have some balance. You need to apply the same standards to the left as the right.
    I used to enjoy some insight from your program….now you never say anything without rage to the left. The unending slam of Ignatief is now replaced by an unending slam of Layton. (and cheerleading for Harper)
    Sorry Charlie you lost a step.

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