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    steve gulyas on

    Charles, the kid with the tee shirt should have taken a felt pen and below the logo should have signed the name “Jesus Garcia”.

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      Larry Waldner on

      Don’t be a fool Bob Rowan! Democracy is based on christian values. Church and state cannot be separated.

  1. One of the most valuable foundations to which we should adhere in our society today is the separation of church and state. History shows that mixing these creates nothing but hatred and violence (read Ireland, Iran, rule by Divine Right, the Inquisition… and on and on).

    What happens when another student, say a non-theist, exercises his right of free expression by wearing a t-shirt which says “Religion is a waste of time”. Then all the students pick sides and wear t-shirts accordingly? What we then have is the “Sharks vs. the Jets” (West Side Story). The above statements are technically free expressions; however, they only accentuate difference and create animosity. This is why religion (“church”) should be a PERSONAL issue in all facets of society, especially in schools (“state”). Religious expression in my mind differs little from racial expression and I doubt you would agree that the latter would be permissable on t-shirt! (eg: Life without being white is a waste of time). Do we really wish to create an environment of “them vs. us” – of people who believe in Jesus vs. people who do not? What would such an environment achieve? What good can come from it?

    Our society these days displays growing degrees polarization, breeding bitterness and hatred: conservative vs. liberal, Conservative vs. Liberal, urban vs. rural, right vs. left, east vs. west, Christian vs. Muslim, Republican vs. Democrat, native vs. immigrant and so on. There seems to be no end to name-calling, no beginning of mutual respect and no desire for settlement..

    As exemplified endlessly by you, Mr. Adler, all we seem to do is raise our voices AT each other and aggressively protect our positions (in your case, Mr. Adler, apparently right wing) at all costs, with no consideration for empathy and mature discourse. We appear to have forgotten that, rather than preaching righteousness, we should be seeking solutions and concurrence.

    …..Or am I being naive in disregarding the likelihood that what is of interest here is selling radio/advertising…. and that you have no sincere interest in sober discussion to achieve common ends – but rather an interest in appealing to people who share your position?

    Lest you think differently, by nature, I am (small “c”) conservative and tend to lean right, both politically and socially; however, I am constantly embarrassed by so many people of similar persuasion who yell and denigrate any opposing position.

    Please try to be calm, logical, respectful and be open-minded, Mr. Adler. Your rants produce division, not resolution. By listening to and considering an opposing view, you just might learn something and, if only in a minuscule way, adjust your view. After all, none of us is perfect, is it not so?

    Now, perhaps you would like to attempt to calmly and logically respond to my reasons for supporting the school’s position on this t-shirt matter?
    Although, I doubt it.

    Yours truly,
    Bob Rowan

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    LordFroggie on

    What can you expect from a person who grew up in a political environment and had everything given to him. You are so right, most teachers do not teach, they make students believe that they have rights which they have to protect, more important than let’s say, math, sciences, grammar, reading skills and yes the politically incorrect phrase these days religion. Mr. Trudeau rest assured should you get into office it wont be because I voted for you

  2. I really hope that this even really achieved at least 50% of what the goals were initially. It’s sad to see people more and more being isolated instead of being part of communities !

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