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  1. Charles,
    Let me tell you what my single mom told me when I was young. If you have a job and get say 20k a year. When it is time for a raise you get 5% and are now swimming in money making 21k a year. The CEO of that same company will get the same 5% but since he has more negotiating power, he will also get lets say stock options on top of his 500k + 5% (which equals roughly your yearly income) or 550k. Now do you think he could pay for a lunch or two? Okay, not everyone is the CEO, but maybe a professional making 80k you will receive 80k + 5% = 84K. In one year alone a middle class employee gets 300% greater raise than a lower class employee? does this seem fair? If you run this for 20 years, at 5%, you get roughly 265% of your original income or 53k, 212k and 1,327k. You and I both know that there is a basic cost of living and that is where the lower class survives at. So now who ends up with a greater amount of disposable income increase with increases of 33k, 132k, & 827k. Investors may get the 5% but vote to keep increases down. So people who do no work get an increase while the hard working folks get none. I hope you see my point. Sometimes you are rich because you are good at what you do but it may just be because you do not pay all your employees fairly and you pocket the change. So I say to deep pockets…pay up, you are getting a free ride. The guy who does not pay, pays you every day with his work.
    The wage gaps are increasing exponentially, when will you come back to your senses and realize that the rich are rich because they are smart and can write such sympathetic b.s..

  2. Charles:
    I enjoyed your story about Tax Cuts for the “Rich”. I agree to some extent and I would not deny the right for anyone to be wealthy. George Carlin once said we have no rights – only privileges; conversely, I do disagree in your total Tax Cuts for the “Rich” analysis.
    You see there are basically two, aside from criminal, types of rich. There are those that earn their riches from hard work, and those that have others earn their riches. Some entrepreneurs do this with admirable ethics while others are simply white collar con artists.
    Look at it this way: The Pharaoh has many workers to build icons be they pyramids, museums, arenas, or whatever. He seems to think that by feeding these workers they are getting a free lunch or that he is supplementing their wages or he is showing a benefit. So he dangles the carrot. The leader then comes to rest in a place where he is admired and given the credit for having built an empire.
    Maybe if more of the wealth was bestowed upon those who truly earned and built the pyramid, they could take the pharaoh to lunch, or at least share in the credits.
    The workers, because of the system, will never become the Pharaoh.

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    david henman on

    …when it comes to paying taxes, my heart goes out to the wealthy.
    dontcha just want to reach out and give them all a big hug and say “hey, brother, i feel your pain”. how awful this must be for them. do you think we could launch a huge fundraiser? i’m thinking streisand, manilow, david foster, celine…perhaps an abba tribute band?

  3. The workers are not the Pharaoh because they choose not to be. We’re not talking about slavery here. There is nothing stopping anybody from building their own pyramid! So get at it. It’s called a business plan.

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