By Chris Doucette, Toronto Sun

Tuesday, July 03, 2012  

TORONTO - Mike Greer and his wife Joanna moved into their new house in West Rouge two years ago believing it was the perfect place to raise their kids — Xander, 5, and Tyra, 3.

But living in their dream home in the city’s east end soon became a nightmare as they found themselves being terrorized by belligerent, pot-smoking teenagers who have no regard for the law or concern for human life.

“Last week they firebombed my house,” a frustrated Mike Greer told the Toronto Sun Tuesday. “I don’t know how we’re suppose to live like this.”

Soon after moving into the home on Friendship Ave., near Port Union Rd. and Lawrence Ave. E., Greer realized teens often partied at West Rouge Public School next-door, especially during the summer.

They drink, smoke dope and get into fights regularly in the school parking lot and out back.

Early last summer, the phys-ed teacher noticed marijuana smoke wafting into his kids’ rooms and decided he had to do something.

“I should be able to read my children a bedtime story without their bedrooms filling up with pot smoke,” he said.

Greer approached the youth sitting with their bongs in a doorway on the north side of the school and “politely” asked them to go elsewhere.

But rather than abide by his wishes, the teens told him they were on “public property” and there was nothing he do about it.

That was the first of many times he has tried to reason with the clean-cut, well-dressed teenage boys, who he believes live in the area.

When his house was egged for the first time that summer, Greer didn’t think much of it.

But then in November, all four tires were slashed on one of his cars.

“That’s when I knew we were being targeted,” Greer said.

The partying dissipated last winter, but trouble started up again when the weather warmed up in March and April.

Over the May long weekend, Greer said vandals scratched two of his cars and slashed his tires again.

That same weekend, the playground at a nearby daycare was set on fire, as were bags of lawn clipping along the street and garbage bins at the school.

Greer realized the situation was becoming dangerous and once again called police. It was the first time officers responded to his house.

But Greer said police told him there was little they could do unless they catch the teens in the act of committing a crime.

Near the end of May, Greer met with an officer from the Community Response Unit, a representative from area Toronto Councillor Ron Moeser’s office and a TDSB trustee to discuss prevention for this summer.

Lighting at the school was improved, a gate was erected to stop vehicles from entering the parking lot and police stepped up patrols.

Greer also installed infra-red cameras at his house. But the problems only escalated.

One June 24, his home was egged again. Cameras caught the vandal’s image but his face was covered.

Last Saturday, things turned scary when a Molotov cocktail was tossed at his home. Fortunately the bottle smashed off one of his cars and the flames did not catch.

“We are so at a loss of what to do at this point,” Greer said. “It’s disheartening.”

Police said they are “actively investigating” the fire-bombing incident.

“Evidence was sent for forensic testing and we are waiting for the results,” Const. Wendy Drummond said.

She said police are “fully aware” of the situation and future incidents will be treated with a higher priority.

Moeser, meanwhile, said he plans to meet with the 43 Division superintendent as well as the TDSB trustee to discuss further options.

“It’s really unfortunate that anybody has to go through this,” he said. “It’s such a nice area, but a few bad kids can really make life hell for people.”

Several other neighbours said they also have had trouble.

“This is not just some kids getting into some mischief,” said Geoff Evenden, whose wife and young son were almost run down by some of the teens. “It’s out of control.”

Greer recently began spending nights in his car parked in the driveway, unsure of how else to protect his family.

“People’s lives are being ruined and it needs to stop,” he said, appealing to the youth involved. “It only takes one or two kids to stand up and say ‘This isn’t right.’”

Greer also pleaded with parents to pay closer attention to what their kids are up to.

“They may be telling you they’re sleeping at a friend’s house,” he said. “But how do you know they’re not sitting beside my house smoking weed and carving up my cars?”


A West Rouge neighbourhood has been plagued by unruly teenagers partying behind an elementary school. One resident in particular has been terrorized by the youth since he stood up to them just over a year ago.

  • May 2010: Mike Greer, his wife Joanna and their kids, Xander, now 5, and Tyra, now 3, move into their new home on Friendship Ave.
  • May 2010: Greer realizes immediately that area youth like to party at the elementary school next door, West Rouge Public School.
  • June 2010: The family’s house is egged for the first time.
  • June 2011: Greer notices pot smoke wafting into his children’s bedroom windows from the schoolyard and asks the teens to go elsewhere.
  • Summer 2011: Greer’s house is egged a couple of more times as youth continue to drink, smoke dope and fight on school grounds.
  • October 2011: Calls Toronto Police to report a school bus being broken into by six youths.
  • November 2011: All four tires on one vehicles are slashed and Greer realizes his home is now being targetted.
  • March/April: Parties resume as weather warms up and problems with teens persist.
  • May 19: Toronto Police visit Greer’s house for the first time after two of his cars are scratched and tires slashed. That same long weekend, the playground at a daycare is set on fire, as are bags of lawn clippings along the street and garbage bins at the school.
  • May 28: Greer meets with Toronto Police community response unit, a representative from his city councillor’s office and a TDSB trustee and is told lighting will be improved at the school and patrols will be stepped up in the area.
  • June: Greer installs infrared cameras out front of his house that record 24 hours a day.
  • June: TDSB puts up a gate up to stop vehicles from entering West Rouge Public School.
  • June 24: Surveillance cameras capture Greer’s house as it is egged again.
  • June 30: A Molotov cocktail is thrown at Greer’s house from the from schoolyard, out of sight of the cameras.
  • July 2: Greer’s house is egged again after repeated threats of “We’ll get you” from teens.
  • July 3: Greer contacts the Toronto Sun.



  1. I really agree with you charles on this one and I had a chance to listen to the broadcast but got a little peeved when you referred to the “punks” as devil worshipers. Smoking some weed and being a bunch of typical rebellious teenagers does not at all make them devil worshipers. I didn’t once hear any comments about being devil worshipers in greer’s story. Also we dont know how Mr. greer responded in the times he made himself heard to the kids. For all we know he could of being,(and i know its a little much to get firebombed over), bringing this on himself. If he did act appropriate in the situations then yes this is quite ridiculous and these punks should be dealt with. Being a middle aged family man myself I feel I could have simply gotten these teens to move farther away or somewhere else where the smoke wouldn’t be barging in the window. It seems like a small issue that should’t have became such a big matter, and may have been easily to be avoided.

  2. I am writing you from Regina SK. Please do not use my full name. We went threw a similar torment at the hands of a youth mob of untouchable teens in the last 16mths. We had severe damages to property and had called the Regina Police Service 911 and service numbers over 30 times only to basically become in the eyes of the Police a pain in their side. The teens had threatened myself with death this for asking them to move away from our vehicles when I found them on top of my daughters car, the teens were telling me I could not touch them and were even so bold as to openly taunt myself and other adults with charging us with harassment and assualt for taking pics of these punks, there were three blacks three white females and five to six caucasin males and were completely undeterred until a swarm attack on our home while I was out, they attacked my eldest son and preteen daughter throwing eggs through the door hitting my kids. I encountered three of the offenders on my way home after recieving a panic call from my kids that our house was being attacked. I was on the line with 911 and as soon as my headlights lit the three up on their bikes one of the three threw a large rock fracturing my windshield and started to flee, I pursued the one I saw in my vehicle commit the attack on my vehicle only to see approx ten others all dressed in black emerge from the darkness of the bushes they were hiding in. I too this day am very glad I did not get out of the vehicle as they were not there to play a game of tag. I truely believe that in Regina these wanna be youth gangsters were engaged in some sort of gang initiation ritual and if myself or son would have been on foot we may not be here today. The police were very annoyed that I followed the offender and were not going to lay any charges , it took my calling the shift sergeant that the least significant of the charges was laid against the one youth. This the Police were very reluctant to do but as I am a peace officer myself I knew that all legal tests had been met for at very least a citizens arrest and prosecution would be lawful. The City police as I have come to learn do not waste their time on young offenders as inevitably nothing happens under the youth Justice act. We never got to court as this youth participated in a do not go to jail ridiculous program in which the fellow only had to pay my $100 package policy premium. Even after this severe incident my vehicle was shot up with a paintball gun but police never pursued any of the mob. We did not get any peace until we installed three security cameras for 24/7 security of our house and vehicles. The parents of these angels never made any attempt to contact us to clean up or correct the damage caused by their angels. In fact I rec’d a number of harassing calls from these angels single parents that I had somehow treated these violent teens improperly. Although I and my kids don’t know any of these kids the comment from the investigating officer was to the effect that the single mom is such a nice person and they really didn’t want to cause her any problems. I was floored that the police were more concerned about the culprits sweet single mom then they were concerned about my intact nuclear family. I hate to say this but it seems that our society is full of single parents that ellicit sympathy for their disfunctional children and effectively by extension their own disfunctional marriages. My kids have experienced this first hand at school as well, in that single parents are the norm and kids from normal mother father family unit are often in the minority and do not get the sympathy of the systems which seem to coddle these maladjusted youth’s and disfunctional families. Unfortunately this has become the norm for our society and I don’t see this changing soon, so as Canadians the best way to protect our functional families is to hide away in our homes pay the deductibles and install 24/7 security Camera systems so these acts can be caught and become undeniable by the Youth perps and their single moms and dads. This seems to be the only deterrent that works. As the anominity required by law under the youth Justice system does not allow the community to be able to chastise the youths or their families to shame them for their misdeeds.

  3. I’ve never even as a social worker for 20 years had a great hate for pot smokers, but in recent weeks this has changed … I really have no other option but to try to seek help for this situation through this venue.
    I recent got two new clients and both were victims of a home invasion. Living in their home in a quiet rural community, both were beaten to near death with baseball bats by six thugs looking to take a few medical marijuana pot plants from the couple. He in his 70’s and she mid 60’s. At 2am the door was kicked in while they were sleeping and for the next 15 to 30 minutes their home ransacked and they left for dead placed on a tarp they had brought with them.
    Both now have acquired brain injuries, both had their licences taken away due to these injuries, over the last year they have spent thousands in travel expenses for court and specialist appointments. Recently I looked into the victim’s compensation fund to find that they could get a settlement, possibly a max of $50,000. though I’m told getting the max is almost impossible. Plus a lawyer wants to take 20% of whatever they get as fee. I have tried to get them on Ontario Disability Support Program but because her spouse’s pension is $80. to much a month they do not qualify… so this means they do not get support with transportation to specialist appointments in TO, or anywhere, have to pay for all the medications they require and all additional needs as they age. We are only able now to talk about this because all 6 have been convicted and are in prison.
    I think of the support the US grandmother got for being bullied, overwhelming… here I have two people that I can’t even get their medications and transportation paid for after being beaten to near death.
    Charles I want to set up a trust fund for them but need some help… how do I go about this?
    One of your biggest fans and a girl that also shoots from the hip, J

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    T.Robert Grose on

    This is the end result of no discipline as children. Nanny state strikes again. When i was that age, my father would have had my butt in a sling if I had pulled anything close to what these little wads pulled.

  4. May I suggest that when these punks are hanging out around his home, that he play some classical music outside in his backyard (I understand that this idea has been successfully used to prevent teens from hanging out in shopping malls etc).

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    Reformed Jackass on

    When I was a youth living in Edmonton, me and friends would break into cars, set fires, throw rocks at cars and set traps on the road made of wire, and we even picked two houses randomly to target every time we found ourselves roaming around after dark. I was a complete dick, and now realizing the trouble I put folks through i do feel bad. Nothing motivated it at all except for boredom and some times intoxication, and lack of supervision by my parents.
    My advice: Get a pellet gun or paintball gun, leave a window open without a screen and the room dark. When you see the hoodlums, stand back and open fire. This would have made me pick a different house to harass, that’s for sure.

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